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1 product

If you’re an athlete (either on the track or in the bedroom ), then our sexy men’s 

sportswear collection is here to help. 


At Timoteo, we’ve crafted options for the modern sportsman that will allow you to move 

freely and comfortably while feeling confident and sexy. 


For underneath, we have Sprinter compression shorts with a smooth microfiber 

composition and a mesh pouch to keep you feeling secure and sexy.  


There’s even the Aero sport Y thong if you want even less restriction. Turn heads on the 

track whilst hinting at what’s under those sports shorts. We also have a range of masks 

perfect for ‘social distancing’ when you’re getting close and personal. 


We have loads more gay men’s shorts like the sprinter Riveria mesh shorts and Aero 

sport running shorts. There are even the titan zipper shots (with a zipper in the front, 

and  the back) - perfect for quick access when you’re already feeling hot and sweaty. 


Or, if you’re wrestling (at the gym or in the bedroom), Scout Zipper Singlet is the perfect 

outfit. Turn heads as you pass in something a little different; namely, our Mesh Cut Off 



So whether you’re an avid jogger, going to pump iron in the gym, or going to shoot 

hoops, we have the sportswear you need to perform and show your stuff.