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Feel Sexy And Secure In Timoteo 

Teach That Peach 


At Timoteo, we know that we all want to show off our best ass ets. But regular men’s 

underwear just doesn’t do our butts justice. 


If you want gay men’s underwear, from briefs to jockstraps, that’s cheek-hugging and 

elevating, you’ve come to the right place. 


Comfortable On The Inside 


Timoteo’s wide-range of gay men’s undergarments are made from top-quality materials 

to keep you comfortable inside them.  


But we also promise to keep you comfortable on the inside.  Feel confident, bold, and 

just a little bit naughty in a pair of Timoteo’s sexy underwear.  


Strut Your Stuff 


There’s nothing worse than going for a drink after work, or meeting someone at the 

gym, only to go home and dread stripping down to your underwear. 


With Timoteo, we’ve harnessed sexy men’s underwear designs that are practical so that 

you’re never caught in anything less than your best. 


Impress your partner, that new intern, or the hunk on reception at the gym in 

form-hugging, comfortable gay men’s underwear that leaves just enough to the 



Get Cheeky 


At Timoteo, we’ve come up with a range of sexy gay underwear that puts the power in 

your package whether you’re in the boardroom or the bedroom. 


Invest in some hot gay underwear from male briefs to jockstraps, and even gear that 

lifts cheeky, moods, and eyebrows. 




There’s a reason they’re called briefs.  


Usually, because they’re only for a brief period before being ripped off (we hope ). They 

also don’t go far up or down, and they give your package that perfect defined outline; so 

everyone knows what you’re packing. 


Our gay male briefs hug your buttocks with just enough cheek on display to get the 

mind racing and the blood pumping.  


At Timoteo, our male briefs allow you to feel comfortable and confident all day. 


And if you’re an athlete, they come in the Relay Mesh Brief style, made from soft and 

silky quick-dry sports tech fabric with a ventilating mesh pouch. 




Want even less left up to the imagination? Then our sexy gay jockstraps are the way to 



At Timoteo, we’ve redefined design and desire. With little else other than a waistband 

and a hammock for your banana, our sexy jockstraps are sure to get the desired effect. 


With options that include straps around the bottom of your butt, or over your shoulders, 

you can define your best features. Whether it's those smackable cheeks or that broad 

chest, look your best in one of our hot men’s jockstraps. 


And for the kinks out there, our zipper jock straps come with a zipper down the pocket 

for when you (or someone else ) want to let the snake loose. 


Get Wet’n’Wild 


Lucky for you, you don’t have to wait until you’re back in the bedroom to turn heads.  


With Timoteo’s range of sportswear, you can get your package the attention it deserves 

whether you’re pumping iron, working out at the beach, or toning those cheeks on a jog. 




If you’re an athlete (either on the track or in the bedroom ), then our sexy men’s 

sportswear collection is here to help. 


At Timoteo, we’ve crafted options for the modern sportsman that will allow you to move 

freely and comfortably while feeling confident and sexy. 


For underneath, we have Sprinter compression shorts with a smooth microfiber 

composition and a mesh pouch to keep you feeling secure and sexy.  


There’s even the Aero sport Y thong if you want even less restriction. Turn heads on the 

track whilst hinting at what’s under those sports shorts. We also have a range of masks 

perfect for ‘social distancing’ when you’re getting close and personal. 


We have loads more gay men’s shorts like the sprinter Riveria mesh shorts and Aero 

sport running shorts. There are even the titan zipper shots (with a zipper in the front, 

and  the back) - perfect for quick access when you’re already feeling hot and sweaty. 


Or, if you’re wrestling (at the gym or in the bedroom), Scout Zipper Singlet is the perfect 

outfit. Turn heads as you pass in something a little different; namely, our Mesh Cut Off 



So whether you’re an avid jogger, going to pump iron in the gym, or going to shoot 

hoops, we have the sportswear you need to perform and show your stuff. 


Cellblock 13  


Timoteo also has options for those looking for gear for the bedroom. With our newest 

and sexiest line, Cellblock 13, you can enhance your underwear look. 


Get the most out of your encounters with Cellblock 13’s straps, harnesses and pouches. 

If you and your partner are looking to step things up a notch in style, then Timoteo has a 

whole catalogue of face masks, hoods, and more to keep you stimulated. 


Timoteo is all about making men feel confident and sexy in their underwear. 


We do this by putting an emphasis on style and fashion while highlighting every man’s 

best physical features in our sexy male underwear. 


With our Cellblock 13 collection, we united the worlds of gay men’s fashion and fetish 

with an eccentric collection of gear and accessories. It’s sure to spice up your 

experience in the bedroom. 


Other Styles 


At Timoteo, we are dedicated to constant innovation in gay men’s underwear and are 

designing and producing everything from jock briefs to slingback jocks, boxer briefs, and 



Feel sexy and secure in Timoteo male underwear whether you’re at the beach or in the 

bedroom and turn heads from the workplace to the gym. 


About Us 


Founded in Los Angeles in 2001, Timoteo has become a go-to brand for stylish men’s 

underwear around the globe.  


Our creative director Timoteo Ocampo created his gay men’s underwear, swimwear, 

sportswear, and denim collections with the vision of offering customers cutting-edge 

design, exceptional fit, and unparalleled quality. 


Since its beginnings, Timoteo has grown to become one of the most recognized global 

men’s underwear brands. We supply retailers on six continents and in nearly every 

country via Timoteo.net.  


Timoteo has a commitment to helping to launch the careers of some of today’s top 

models and photographers with our racy advertising campaigns focused on our hot gay 



Through dedication to core company values and innovative and provocative marketing 

content, Timoteo continues to expand and grow as a men’s underwear brand. We are 

dedicated to becoming prominent among men’s and gay underwear fashion labels. 


In 2012, Timoteo launched its new label, CellBlock 13.  Created and designed by 

Timoteo, CellBlock 13 is the go-to brand for FASHION MEETS FETISH and people all 

over the world count CellBlock 13 as the one place to find the latest in hot gay 

underwear and 'gear'. 


From gay male briefs to jockstraps and gear, slide into our underwear 

collections to find the perfect fit for you.