5 Best Enhancing Underwear for Men in 2021

Underwear for Men

Underwear doesn’t have to be purely functional; it can be fun, flirty, and make you look and feel fantastic. You can make your underwear work for you by opting for styles that enhance your features, giving you a lift or a boost where you need it.

Enhancing underwear such as push-up bras have been available for women for years, while men have had more limited options. However, these days, many of the world’s best men’s underwear brands are concentrating not only on stylish and comfortable undies but also on those that give men the option to flatter their shape.

  • Push-Up Pouch Underwear

One of the top-rated men’s underwear styles for enhancement are those that offer push-up support in the crotch area. Push-up men’s underwear work in a similar way to push-up bras. They typically have a U-shaped strap or piece of material within the front pouch that lifts up and pushes out away from the body while offering support.

Because of the way the push-up technology works, any style of men’s underwear with a pouch can be designed with this enhancing feature, including briefs, boxer briefs, and thongs. This means that whether you love revealing underwear or prefer to cover up with classic boxer briefs, you can benefit from these clever pouches and give yourself an alluring boost.

Opinions differ about how comfortable push-up men’s underwear is. Some men find it restrictive and unsuitable to wear for long days or while doing sports. Others, however, say that because the pouch pushes the package away from the body, it stops you from getting sweaty or feeling squashed, which is particularly useful during the summer months. Having said that, although the best men’s underwear brands aim to make all their designs as comfortable as possible, push-up models are all about the look.

  • Boxers and Briefs With a Padded Crotch

Just like push-up undies, men’s padded underwear enhances the size of your bulge but, instead of using a strap in the front pouch for more lift, they have padding in the pouch, usually made from soft foam. Not only does the padding make your package appear larger and fuller, but it also creates a smooth, symmetrical shape.

This option not only looks great when you’re wearing just your underwear, but it also allows you to get the size enhancement you’re after without too much movement, no matter what kind of pants you’re wearing over them. The padding thickness varies, so you can get the exact look you want, depending on the underwear style you like. In some models, the comfortable padding is removable, making the underwear extra versatile.

  • Bum-Enhancing Men’s Undies

Did you know that there are several underwear options to help you emphasize the contours of your butt? If you’ve ever envied the juicy behinds seen on underwear billboards, this kind of underwear is for you. Just like pouch-enhancing boxers and briefs, there are two main styles of undies that give your booty a boost; those with padding and those that lift.

Butt-padded styles may be the most comfortable men’s underwear ever! The soft padding feels excellent against your skin and makes sitting on even the hardest seat pleasant, not that you'll want to do much sitting while wearing them; you’ll want to show off your new sexy shape.

If you don’t like the idea of padded underwear but still want to enhance the size and shape of your rear, underwear with built-in lifting technology will be right up your alley. This underwear style uses different materials and cleverly designed panels to lift and contour your booty, so it always looks its best. Once you’ve seen how good your behind looks while wearing boxers or briefs with a butt lift, both in and out of pants, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them.

Underwear for Men

  • Jockstraps That Give You a Boost

If you’ve never worn a jockstrap or only worn them for sport, you may not realize that they have many benefits, including flattering your shape. Jockstraps are fantastic for men looking to boost their package and butt size, and shape.

The strap that hugs the buttocks found on all jockstraps gives significant support and lift, making even naturally flat butts look pert and peachy, as seen with the Pride 21 Jockstrap from Timoteo. Although padded butt-enhancing underwear gives you a smooth, enviable shape, the padding means that any movement as you walk is disguised. However, because the back of a jockstrap is exposed, it highlights the attractive natural movement of your butt.

The front pouch on most styles of jockstraps is clearly defined and designed to give you all the support you need. This also ensures that your package is lifted and held firm, so it looks and feels great. Many jockstraps also have removable padding, offering you extra protection, a uniform shape, and a boost in size.

If you’re not ready for a full jockstrap but are curious about the benefits it could have for your shape, why not try a pair of boxer briefs with a cheeky in-built jockstrap? It will give you coverage so you feel comfortable and desirable.

  • Clever Color Blocking and Piping

Padding and push-up technology is not the only way to give the illusion of a bigger pouch or fuller booty; clever design tricks such as well-placed seams and flattering cuts can make a world of difference. A simple trick to remember if you want to make your thighs look bigger, for example, is to opt for boxer briefs that are form-fitting around the leg, while if you want to make your legs appear longer, high-cut briefs are the best option.

Top-rated men’s underwear brands such as Timoteo, Vaux, and Cellblock13 know that clever color-blocking and contrast piping can make all the difference to how your body looks. For example, adding an elongated color block on the front pouch and defining the area with contrast piping, as seen in the Kennel Club Cadet briefs, makes it stand out and appear larger, while V-shaped color blocking on the rear gives the illusion of a fuller butt.

Underwear for Men

Find the Perfect Enhancing Underwear For You
With so many underwear styles and designs available to enhance areas of your body you’re proud of or offer a boost where you need it, whether that’s your butt, package, or thighs, you’re spoilt for choice in 2021.

The best way to discover what works best for you is to try out a few different styles, pairing them with various outfits, and wearing them for a range of activities, such as hitting the gym or going to work. While wearing your new undies, you’re sure to get so many ego-boosting compliments; you’ll never want to take them off!

You deserve the best. Therefore, don't wait any longer and visit Timoteo today.

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