5 Rules to Remember Before Wearing a Tank Top

Tank Top

Tank tops have a reputation for belonging at the gym or for when you’re lounging at home. But when you adhere to a few simple fashion rules, you can avoid a faux-pas by adding tank tops to your everyday wear. Follow these important style guidelines for wearing a tank top and explore Timoteo shorts to complete your fresh new look.

Make it Pop
Avoid neutral tone tank tops with tacky logos or sayings about weight lifting. If you can pull off a tank top, it’s obvious that you’re taking good care of your body without explicitly stating that you frequent the gym. Instead, draw attention to the gun show by choosing tank tops in bold colors and prints.

You can opt for a vibrant, solid shade like turquoise or red, or try a funky patterned tank that makes you stand out from the crowd. Animal print patterns like the Jungle Gym Reversible Mesh Tank are eye-catching and modern. Pastel tie-dye tanks are a hot trend right now, and they’re perfect for hanging out with friends, a day at the beach, or a casual summer party.

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Prepare to Wear by Grooming
If you’re going to wear something as daring as a tank top, you’ll need to prepare to look good doing it. This means spending time grooming your body to remove unsightly hair before stepping out and strutting your stuff.

The term manscaping doesn’t just apply to everything below the belt. To look and feel your best, you need to give your upper body some TLC too. Trimming your body hair to improve your appearance is essential to looking fantastic in a tank top.

Start with your chest hair; you can decide to go full hairless or leave a manicured patch of chest hair behind. However, if you opt to leave hair on your chest, it’s still important to keep it closely trimmed to avoid straggler poking through your tank top or appearing around your neckline. This is especially important when you’re wearing a mesh tank top like the breathable Halfback Mesh Tank Top from Timoteo.

Some men may also need to trim or shave the hair atop their shoulders before stepping out in a tank top. While it’s acceptable to leave your armpit hair intact, consider whether you should clean it up with your clippers to maintain a put together look when you lift your arms.

Choose a Proper Fit
A tank top can be a tricky piece of clothing to pull off successfully, which is why it’s essential to choose a top that fits you correctly. There are several styles of fit to choose from when shopping for tanks, so consider which best accentuates your body’s best features.

Slim fit
If you’ve been working hard to sculpt your body at the gym, a slim fit tank top is a great choice. Stay classy and nipple-proof the tight tank by purchasing a shirt with a heavier fabric. A ribbed rayon material like the Rascal Ribbed Tank Top is a good option for slim-fit tanks because it provides more texture and depth. The slim fit tank top is extremely versatile and works well when paired with a jacket or blazer.

Relaxed fit
If you’re looking to highlight your arms without hugging every curve of your torso, a relaxed fit tank top is the way to go. The relaxed fit tank offers comfort and an attractive, casual look without trying too hard.

Avoid shapeless pants when wearing a relaxed tank. You’ll want to emphasize the muscles in your thighs and the roundness of your butt with some fitted khakis or jeans to offset the boxy style of your shirt.

A longline tank top is a fashion statement, perfect for a casual outing or to wear to the gym. This tank top fit features a scoop neck top and a curved hemline on a long, loose fit top. These tank tops typically have a Y-back design and are favored by bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts.

Tank Top

Change Up the Look
While wearing the tank top on its own is a great excuse to show off your broad shoulders and sculpted arms, remember there are other ways to style your tank for more versatility. You can wear tank tops year-round if you know how to dress them up and down accordingly.

Tank tops for spring
Step into spring by wearing a pastel-colored loose fit tank top under a knit cardigan in a neutral beige or cream. If you’re feeling daring, you can even add a light scarf.

Tank tops for summer
Make the tank top a staple of your summer wardrobe by layering it under a short sleeve button down. Pair a solid-colored tank with a fun patterned button shirt like a Hawaiian top.

Tank tops for fall
Transition your tank top to autumn by pairing it with a denim jacket. Choose a casual white or black tight-fitting tank under a loose, light denim jacket for a cool vibe that shows you’re a fashion-forward man while still emphasizing your toned abs.

Tank tops for winter
Take the jacket and tank top layering style to the next level for the cold winter months. Choose a dark tank top in navy blue, black, or forest green and pair it with a corduroy, faux-fur lined jacket. This style looks great with dark or black jeans and a pair of Jordans.

Be Tasteful About Showing Skin
To wear a tank top successfully, you must remember to be tasteful about how much skin you’re revealing. Some basic rules for showing skin in moderation include choosing a shirt with a neckline that ends above the latitude of your pits, and the armholes shouldn’t drop below the start of your rib cage. Make sure there’s no peeking nipples when you’re wearing the shirt; you want to leave a little to the imagination and drive everyone wild with a sneak preview of what’s underneath. When choosing a tank top for your body, remember that less exposed skin is more appealing.

The Best Bottoms to Pair with Your Tank Tops
Wear your tank top with confidence when you pair it with a sexy pair of shorts that will get everyone talking. Check out these styles from Timoteo to see how you can style your tank tops for everyday wear.

Kick off Lace Up Short
The neoprene lace up shorts from CellBlock13 is the ideal form-fitting bottom to pair with a relaxed fit tank top. These shorts, with 6-eyelet lace up strings, come just above the knee, so they’re perfect for wearing with a longer tank top as well.

Halfback Short
Halfback shorts are comfortable yet flattering and look great with a fitted tank or a relaxed top. They’re breathable and made for action with polyester/spandex material, a gathered elastic waist, and adjustable drawstrings.

Avalon Short
Timoteo’s Avalon shorts come in three funky color combinations for laid-back vibes.
The busy pattern on the shorts and vibrant colors mean you can safely pair this short with a basic white, black, or dark grey tank top and still keep your outfit exciting.

Tank Top

Rascal Lounge Short
If you’re looking for a low-key set of shorts to go with a boldly colored or busy patterned tank top, the Rascal Lounge Shorts from Timoteo. They’re flattering shape emphasizes the firmness of your butt while allowing your sexy tank top to remain the focus of your outfit.

Strut Your Stuff in a Tank Top
Look confident and sensual when you’re wearing a form fitting tank top that’s perfect for any season. Dress your Timoteo tank top up or down by pairing it with jackets and stylish shorts. Avoid showing too much skin and maintain your upper body hair to keep the look tasteful and sexy.

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