Which Type of Underwear is Best for Men: Briefs or Boxers

Which Type of Underwear is Best for Men: Briefs or Boxers

Finding the best underwear to keep yourself comfortable requires you to know what options are out there. You don’t want to go through your day feeling like something is off, right? When you don’t have the right brief underwear on, it can make the rest of your day more stressful than it needs to be.

Men have a lot of options when it comes to underwear, but deciding which one to go with isn’t always as easy as it sounds. There are a lot of pros and cons to wearing either briefs or boxers underneath your casualwear. From knowing the material for boxers to knowing the benefits of briefs, knowing the best choices for men requires a bit of knowledge before you go spending money on new underwear.

Want to know whether you should be wearing briefs or boxers? Read our guide that explains the differences between wearing both and why you should know why choosing the right underwear can benefit you. You’ll learn all the important tips on how to choose between boxers or briefs!


Why Choose Brief Underwear?

Briefs are some of the most practical underwear for men. They’re short in length but offer a lot of coverage of the buttocks and can be worn with any type of clothing. They can be very comfortable to wear and not cause any issues with any outfit you plan on wearing.

The benefits of briefs include how they reduce chafing of the skin. They also provide a good amount of support and lift around the groin area, keeping everything in place without feeling too constrictive on men. It also helps that briefs come in many different styles and colors, offering simple yet effective underwear for almost any occasion.
The one downside to wearing briefs is how the mid-area can heat up. This can become an issue if you sweat a lot, causing bacteria to grow if left unaddressed. This can lead to jock itch and become a real problem over time.


Benefits of Going with Boxers

Boxers function in the same way as briefs, but are longer and look like shorts on men when worn. They have a much looser fit and offer a more aired-out option for men’s underwear. Moisture won’t build up as quickly because of the material not hugging the skin tightly.

On the other hand, boxers don’t offer as much support as briefs and can cause friction on the skin when you’re active. If you play a lot of sports while wearing boxers, this can lead to chafing.
Boxers also come in a lot of different styles and cuts. Their longer length means more coverage around the thigh and on the back part of the mid-section. Another neat perk to boxers is how wearing them can help protect the groin from zipper accidents from clothing like jeans or dress pants.

Effects of Wearing Briefs or Boxers on Men

One of the most common myths in the debate between boxers and briefs is the effects on sperm count. Is it true that wearing briefs can lower the overall sperm count within men? The answer is debated among multiple doctors and case studies.

Some have claimed that this is an old wives tale and has no basis in fact. While others have done various studies and found that sperm count is indeed affected when men wear briefs. This lead them to the conclusion that wearing tighter underwear would heat up the temperature of the testicles and lower semen count.


A test was done in 1990 that had a group of men wearing briefs and then switching to boxers over a period of several months. Within that time, the study showed a drop in the group’s sperm count when wearing briefs. The same test was conducted years later with very similar results that led to the same conclusion.


Their findings generated data that wearing tight underwear would heat up the groin and lower a man’s sperm count. But does that mean you should stop wearing briefs completely? No, but it is something to keep in mind as you decide which underwear to wear at a given time.


The Other Alternative

So what if you decide to go with a different option, such as going commando? While this is an option for most men, it might not be the best choice in every situation. Not wearing men’s underwear can come with its own set of problems that are easily avoidable by simply wearing boxers or briefs.
If you choose to not wear underwear, you can end up getting your pants dirty often or staining them over time. While the groin might have more airflow in-between, you also open up the groin to being injured by zippers and causing flow stains on your pants. If you’re not careful, this can obviously lead to some very awkward moments out in public.


Switching Between Both

Instead of going with either one or the other, there’s always the choice to switch between boxers and briefs. Boxers are a great option for everyday life with minimal physical activity. While briefs are a solid choice when you’re going to be more active, such as working out or doing another vigorous physical activity.
It’s a personal preference for which one is more appropriate at a given time. Being conscious about what underwear you’re wearing can help make you more comfortable, as well as optimize sperm count over a longer period. Doing this will minimize the negative effects of wearing boxers or brief underwear while maximizing your comfort.

Picking the Best Underwear for Men                                                           

With our guide on boxers and brief underwear, you can now have a better grasp on the best types of underwear for men. The style of your boxers or briefs is important, but the level of comfort you have wearing them is even more so.

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