Chest Harness for Gay: 5 Ways of Wearing the Most Fetish & Fashionable Accessory of the Harness Collection

Chest Harness for Gay: 5 Ways of Wearing the Most Fetish & Fashionable Accessory of the Harness Collection

In the past year, the chest harness has gone from fetish wear to streetwear. Leather harnesses are appearing on runways everywhere and have been spotted on celebrities like Timothee Chalamet, Michael B. Jordan, and Adam Rippon on the red carpet. Whether you are an avid harness wearer or are just interested in the look, now is the time to explore this gay fashion icon.

Gay harnesses are great for a fun time, but they can also be worn in a multitude of ways to bring out your fashion-forward side on different occasions. Get inspired by these five ways of wearing the most fetish and fashionable accessory of the harness collection: the chest harness.

History Behind the Harness
Before jumping on the harness fashion train, it’s worth exploring a bit of the history behind this emerging fetish fashion piece.

It seems that leather harnesses, in the form they are worn today, originated in the 1970s as a response to the demasculinization of gay men in the previous decades. The gay community began wearing leather harnesses to demonstrate that gay men were just as masculine as straight men and could wear “manly” fabrics like leather.

The first gay leather fetish shop, A Taste of Leather, opened in 1967, and by 1976 the store offered two catalog pages worth of leather strap harnesses for customers to choose from. This was the beginning of the harness as a fetish piece in popular gay culture.

The history of the harness, however, may reach back much farther. Troops often wore leather in ancient armies, and leather continued to be a staple for soldiers up through WWII.

According to lore, men who had experienced homoerotic love during the war returned to restrictive societies that didn’t allow them to interact in the same way. These men gathered in motorcycle clubs where they could meet other men who shared their interests. Of course, leather was part of this scene.

A final tidbit of history relating to leather harnesses’ sexy history is the homoerotic artwork of Tom of Finland. A 20th-century artist, Tom of Finland, could not draw gay pornography as it was against the law. To get around this, he created historically-based art that depicted soldiers wearing leather accessories such as harnesses. His prevalent work inspired gay men to wear these devices and paved the way for the wide variety of harnesses available today.


5 Ways to Wear Your Chest Harness

Are you wondering how to wear your chest harness outside the bedroom? Here are five different ways to rock your fetish gear as part of your everyday attire and as part of your fetish sessions.

Don’t be afraid to mix it up and experiment with different harnesses and looks. The harness is no longer relegated to bedroom wear; it is now a mainstream fashion piece that you can put on to feel calm and confident in your own body. It also helps accentuate your shape in all the right places.


  • Classy

Try wearing your Cyclone 2.0 Neoprene Harness with a nice button-down for an ultra-classy look for special occasions. The front of your outfit will resemble suspenders, but those in the back will see the true fetish look you are rocking with the harness’ neoprene back panel. You can also create a red carpet-inspired look by wearing a front harness paired with a suit or black-tie jacket.

Whichever way you wear it, your fashion harness will give you a classy look with a slight edge. Those in the know will understand the visual you are going for, and those who aren’t can get curious and ask questions. Wear this look to special events or a close gathering for Thanksgiving or Christmas. It’s sure to draw attention to your figure and style.


  • Biker

Wearing your chest harness for men with a leather biker jacket creates a layered, sexy look. Play with textures and gender expectations by pairing your masculine biker jacket with a lace undershirt or colorful long-sleeve option. Wear your harness on top of your shirt so that anyone looking gets a glimpse of your fetish wear. You can also go shirtless under your biker jacket, allowing the soft leather to hug your body and show off the harness.

While a leather harness looks great with a leather motorcycle jacket, a bright, patterned harness like the Vaux VX2 Harness makes a bolder statement. Rocking this look harkens back to the origins of the leather harness by way of motorcycle clubs where men used to gather. Wearing your leather harness loud and proud is a nice reminder that times have changed, and you can dress to express yourself.


  • Denim

Continuing with the harness and jacket trend, pairing your gay harnesses with denim jackets is a good everyday look. This visual is casual enough to walk down the street in the daytime but fetish enough that it looks great at night. Try an X-Back Mesh Harness with colorful straps under a short denim jacket for a playful appearance.

You can also wear your X-Back Mesh Harness with a white t-shirt and a pair of jeans. The “X” design on the back of this party harness will shape your back, making it appear wider at the shoulders and slender at the waist. It will tempt anyone paying attention and help you feel confident and flirty.

  • Sporty

With the rise of the sporty jockstrap, it should be no surprise that gearing up your sports-inspired looks is a great way to wear your chest harness. This look is fun and flexible, and with a comfortable athletic harness like the Atlas Elastic Body Harness, you can pair it with an endless array of sporty outfits.

The elastic material in the Atlas harness allows you to stretch and move. Whether you are playing a sport or doing another kind of exercise, you won't feel trapped in the material.

Try it over a solid-colored t-shirt and sweatpants or over your bare chest leading to the sports equipment in your tight gym shorts. The harness will give you a pop of sexy confidence at the gym or the park and cause heads to turn in your direction.


  • Fetish

The perfect way to wear your chest harness is for an exciting night with a fun guy. Harnesses gay harnesses give you that extra bit of sensuality in the bedroom that can turn a good night into a great one. With a piece like the Flasher Body Harness BDSM harness, you will experience the time of your life. Not only does this harness look great, but it also has a detachable codpiece that, when removed, provides your member with a C-ring that holds you just right.

You can also try a harness like the Spartan Neoprene Reversible Harness that attaches to your shorts or jockstrap. If you or your partner love the way a jockstrap feels, then a snug-fitting harness with detachable clips can make for a fun session.

Find the Perfect Gay Harness

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