Finding the Best Men’s Gay Shorts for At-Home Workouts

Finding the Best Men’s Gay Shorts for At-Home Workouts

With gyms closing during the pandemic, many guys have tossed their gym memberships and invested in the equipment they can use to work out at home. But at-home workouts don’t mean you have to look frumpy. Show off your personality with vibrant gay shorts and sportswear. You’ll still benefit from wearing training shorts and underwear designed with workout features in mind.

Features to Look For
An ideal pair of workout shorts are lightweight, comfortable to wear, and holds all of you in place while offering freedom of movement. They’re made from high-tech fabrics that wick sweat away from your body and allow for quick drying. Other features such as zippered pockets or liners are great for helping you streamline your exercise outfit.

Moisture-wicking fabrics
You won’t feel motivated to work out if you know you’ll end up soaked in sweat and uncomfortable at the end. Fortunately, clothing manufacturers have used the latest technology to develop workout gear with Dri-fit materials. These fabrics contain high-performance polyester or polyester-elastane blends to help keep you cool and dry during your workouts.

Polyester blended with elastane or spandex offers guys shorts with extra hold and a closer fit. These materials hug your body, letting you show off your shape and muscles. They’re flexible and won’t restrict your range of motion, so you can complete your workouts with ease.

Sometimes your at-home workout involves outdoor exercises like running or playing sports. Pockets allow you to securely carry your phone, ID, keys, or earbuds without needing to tote around an extra bag. Shorts that don’t offer pockets sometimes contain inner pockets to place small items like keys.

This feature isn’t a necessity but offers benefits to guys that are on the go for their workouts. If you’re only working out at home, pockets aren’t a must-have feature to look for.

Keep your workout gear simple by looking for gym shorts that come with internal linings. Linings made from mesh or moisture-wicking fabrics help hold your package in place during your workout without the bulk of added underwear. They’ll help keep your goods from bouncing around or sneaking out the side of your shorts during more intense workouts.

Shorts with liners are great for guys who want that barely-there feel from their gym shorts. You won’t have to worry about a visible underwear line interrupting the sexy contours of your butt while doing squats in front of others.

Your workout clothes should be durable enough to withstand a lot of intense workouts. The last thing you want is to have your shorts rip up the middle while lifting weights. The fabric of your shorts should be able to withstand the elements during outdoor runs and workouts, too. While you can’t expect any gym shorts to last through ten thousand workouts, your clothing should hold up against regular exercise and not tear easily.

On average, workout gear lasts six to twelve months, depending on how often you wear them. The elasticity of the fabric will eventually wear out. Signs that your workout shorts are starting to wear include increased bagginess, needing to readjust them more while wearing them, or if they feel looser.

A great pair of workout shorts won’t cost you an arm and a leg, but they’re still an investment. The cheapest workout shorts aren’t always made with moisture-wicking fabrics or designed with durability in mind. If you go through less expensive workout gear faster, you’re not saving money.

The least expensive workout shorts can be purchased for under $10, and higher-end shorts, like compression shorts, may cost as much as $75 per pair. You’ll be able to find a pair in your budget and may want to invest more money into a more durable pair.

Easy care instructions
You’ll want your shorts to be relatively low maintenance. Look for shorts that are machine washable, so you can conveniently throw them in with your other workout gear. A pair that you can tumble dry on low is even better because you won’t have to wait for them to air dry before you hit the home gym.

Your Underwear is Just as Important
You won’t benefit from a great pair of moisture-wicking gym shorts if you pair them with underwear made from natural materials like cotton. No one thinks a sweaty, smelly crotch post-workout is sexy.

Keep your jewels cool and comfy by wearing underwear made from synthetic fabrics that won’t absorb your sweat. Underwear available in polyester fabric and styles such as briefs or jockstraps is an excellent choice to pair with your gym shorts.

Look for underwear that sits low on your hips and conforms to the shape of your body. This low-rise brief from Timoteo has a wide, comfortable waistband that stays hidden under your gym shorts. Its polyester-spandex fabric with support shows off your shape while keeping you dry during your workout.

Workout Shorts That Do it All
Workout gear for gay men is designed to show off your assets. Unlike traditional workout shorts, these are higher cut and reveal more of your meaty thighs and thick behind. They enhance rather than hide your features and are made with performance and appearance in mind. They’re stylish enough to wear out before or after your workout and made from performance fabrics that stay dry and comfortable all day long.

The Avalon Short
Available in colorful floral prints, this pair of shorts has body-hugging polyester-spandex fabric that wicks moisture during your workout. It’s also comfortable enough to double as a lounge short.

These shorts are made from soft fabric that everyone will want to run their hands over. The Avalon short has a low rise with a comfortable waistband that sits below your natural waist. It’s a perfect short for guys who want to show off their lower abs or v-lines.

Vaux Cotton Candy Short
These running shorts by Timoteo are made from 100% polyester and contain a mesh lining to keep your package secure during your workout. The lightweight fabric will keep you dry and comfortable whether you’re working out, going to the pool, or hitting the beach later.

Vaux shorts are designed for a great fit, offering a 1.5” wide gathered elastic waist and drawstring for custom sizing. This pair of shorts is also split at the sides for extra mobility during your workouts. The shorts are available in white or black for a more subtle appearance and bright pink and purple for those who want to dress in a loud, outdoor voice style.

Halfback Short
Halfback gym shorts offer guys form and function for their intense workout and everyday wear. You’ll look great and be supported in these shorts made from 93% polyester and 7% spandex that prevents bagginess while giving you complete mobility.

These shorts have two side pockets that fit all your essentials when you’re on the go. The 2.25-inch inseam is long enough to keep you from unintentionally showing your jewels during a workout, but short enough to highlight your shapely thighs.

The inner adjustable drawstring and elastic waist on this short let you individualize the fit to your needs. Choose from light blue, burgundy, or green colored shorts to match the rest of your workout wardrobe.

Get the Right Workout Shorts at Timoteo
If you’re looking for fun and sexy workout gear that’s made from performance fabrics, check out the selection Timoteo is offering. We understand the design needs of gay men and focus on creating fashionable yet comfortable sportswear that you’ll never want to take off. Shop our full collection for great workout shorts, tops, and underwear for gay men.

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