Get Your Kink On With Cellblock 13

Cellblock 13 Underware

Timoteo is all about making men feel confident and sexy in their underwear.

We do this by putting an emphasis on style and fashion while highlighting a man’s best physical features. And back in 2012, Timoteo released its Cellblock 13 collection, bringing its sense of fashion to the world of fetish. Cellblock 13 has an eccentric collection of gear and accessories that is sure to spice up your experience in the bedroom

Here are some of our best products you can use to get your kink on.

Titan Zipper Shorts

 At first glance, these shorts may not seem so kinky. That is until you notice the prominent circular crotch gusset, or "saddle seat", visible in the back. This allows easy access to what lies beneath, and will keep you asking “is there a draft in here?” all night. The Titan Zipper Shorts are made from a comfortable cotton/spandex fabric so you will be comfortable while giving you a fit to make your butt look good, exposed or not. 

There is also the axis zipper denim shorts if you prefer the jorts style.

Kennel Club 2.0 Singlet

 If you and your partner like to get a little rough and wrestle around in bed, then this is the product for you. This wrestling singlet will hug your body perfectly, showing off every curve and muscle you have while enhancing your hot fetish playLike the titan zipper shorts, the Kennel Club 2.0 Singlet features a zipper going down the rear, hiding the reward for the winner. Now all that’s left is to decide starting positions.

Trident Neoprene Harness

 Harnesses are a great piece of fetish gear.

They will make you feel sexy by accentuating your back and chest and they pair great with your favorite jockstrap. They also give your partner something extra to grab onto to pull you down or hoist you up. The Trident Neoprene Harness is made of high-quality textured neoprene rubber with spandex piping in contrasting fetish colors. This is just one of the many styles of kinky harnesses we carry in our Cellblock 13 collection.

Gambit Blackout Hood

 Want to add a sense of mystery to your bedroom? 

Then the Gambit Blackout Hood is a must-have in your fetish collection. This hood can keep you looking discreet in pictures and videos, bring another layer intrigue to role-playing, or just make the bedroom that much kinkier. You can also use it as a blindfold so your partner won’t know what’s coming next. The gambit blackout hood comes in all black or black with red highlights, and completely covers your eyes while keeping you cool.

Puppy Nose Face Mask

 Face masks aren’t going away anytime soon, so get one that is fashionable and sexy that you can bring into the bedroom with you. Whether you’re trying to enhance your role-playing or it’s simply just for fun, the Puppy Nose Face Mask will bring some extra kink into your bed. Cellblock 13 has several different styles and colors of facemasks to choose from.

Torque 2.0 Knee High Socks

 These socks are perfect for everyday use or for completing your look in the bedroom. The Torque 2.0 Knee High Socks will look great with any of our jockstraps, singlets, harnesses, shorts, or, better: nothing else. These sexy socks are made from 75% cotton 23% polyester and 2% rubber. It also comes with a cushioned heel and toe and has arch support for when you’re pinning your opponent or getting pinned yourself.

There are several colors to choose from, including green, blue, white and orange. 

Echo Mesh Jock Pouch

 Are jockstraps not revealing enough for you?

With the Echo Mesh Pouch, just about everything will be on display as the pouch is just big enough to cup what you’re packingIt is made from a sturdy, textured polyester/spandex mesh designed for length, fit and comfort. For a complete kinky look, attach the Echo Mesh Harness, or one of our other selections of harnesses.

Midfield Mesh Tank Top

 Cellblock 13 has tons of tank tops you can rock just about anywhere.

Use them to show off your guns at the gym, get a tan on at the beach, or attract some attention at the club. And the Midfield Mesh Tank Top gives more of a sneak peek on what you got going on underneath. You can match it with the Midfield Reversible Mesh Shorts, and it also comes in red, blue, white, or red.

Foxhole Camo Mesh Crop Top


The Foxhole Camo Mesh Crop Top is the perfect mix of athletic, fashion and kink. The football jersey crop top style will help you show off the body you’ve been working on. The sleeves are made of sports mesh to keep you comfortable while working out, and the bottom is see-through so people can catch a glimpse of your chest and abs.

You can combine it with the Foxhole Camo Mesh Shorts or Jockstraps, and the crop top also comes in gray, red and green.

For More

This is just a portion of the extensive and kinky selection of gear, accessories and underwear that Cellblock 13 by Timoteo carries.

For our complete selection of harnesses, jockstraps, masks, shorts, underwear and swimwear, got to, and under SHOP BY BRAND at the top and select CELLBLOCK 13.

You can also check out other products by Timoteo, including our Vaux brand.

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