How Do You Feel When Wearing Speedos or Jockstraps?

How Do You Feel When Wearing Speedos or Jockstraps?

As a gay man, you want to feel your best wherever you go. Whether at the beach, pool, or in the bedroom, wearing the right undergarments can make you feel sexy, confident, and powerful. Dressing this way makes your day more exciting and motivates you to live your life to the fullest.

Regular underwear does its job in the bedroom, and board shorts, nylon suits, and swim trunks work just fine for water play. But to liven things up and create feelings of excitement, try wearing a speedo or jockstrap instead. These pieces make you feel flirty, confident, powerful, and a little bit kinky, leading to more fun and enjoyment for you and your partner.

You Feel: Flirty
Wearing a jockstrap makes you feel flirty. Feeling flirty is good for your wellbeing, as it decreases stress, helps you feel socially connected, and boosts your confidence. Flirting is fun and can help you widen your social circle, so wearing a jockstrap is a great way to improve overall happiness and contentment.

When you put on a jockstrap like the Vaux Cotton Candy Jockstrap, you immediately feel the sensation of the spandex and cotton hugging your body. The lightweight touch of the cotton fabric on your package along with the uplifted feeling of the elastic straps around your buttcheeks gives you the confidence to be a tease. It helps you get out there and chat up new guys or reconnect with someone you already know.

You Feel: Confident
Confidence is often the defining factor of attractiveness to other men. If you are confident in how you look and who you are, men will find you appealing no matter your age, weight, height, or size. Wearing speedo-style underwear helps you feel more self-assured and gives you an assertive, collected persona.

The Aero 2.0 Sports Brief is a great pair of briefs that mimics the look and performance of a speedo swimsuit. The low rise waistband sits at an attractive spot on your hips, and the mesh pouch with camouflage print accentuates your member for ultimate forward-facing confidence. Made of polyester and spandex, the Aero 2.0 can be worn as a speedo at the beach or by the pool, or in the bedroom for wild and wet play.


You Feel: Powerful
A pair of well-fitted speedo-style briefs can help you feel powerful. Power is intoxicating and gives you a rush that makes everything more enjoyable. The feeling of power activates reward systems in your brain that release chemicals like dopamine, making you feel happy. Feeling powerful with the right underwear is a great way to liven up your life every time you put the briefs on.

By wearing a pair like the Half Back Low Rise Brief from Timoteo, you’ll feel ready to take on the world. This brief features an athletic cut and is inspired by football style. The halfback’s pouch is made of mesh material, and the spandex-cotton blend on the sides hugs your hips and upper thighs enticingly. With this pair of underwear, you can strut your stuff powerfully, knowing that you have his attention.

You Feel: Excited
Excitement motivates you to try new things and be present in the moment. Wearing a jockstrap can create a lovely feeling of anticipation about what’s to come, especially if you’ve never done so before. Whether it’s on you or your partner, wearing a jockstrap can add intrigue to a sexual escapade, stimulating you emotionally and physically.

The Tight End Jockstrap from Cellblock13 is a great choice for revving up the excitement factor in your play sessions while sticking to traditional design and structure. Made to resemble a classic jockstrap, the Tight End Jockstrap features a large elastic waistband and form-fitting mesh pouch. You’ll get physically excited when you see the way you look in this jockstrap, which can heighten the thrilling sexual tension in the room.

You Feel: Comfortable
One of the best things about a jockstrap is how comfortable you feel when wearing one. A jockstrap like the Tight End Swimmer Jock is the perfect combination of form, fit, and material that creates a pleasurable yet sexy experience. The mesh pouch holds your package gently, giving it a breathable space to rest. The skinny elastic waistband rests easily on your hips, and the straps cup your backside.

Feeling comfortable in your jockstrap is not just good for your body; it’s also good for your mind. Wearing snug underclothes helps you be your genuine self instead of putting on a performance for another person. With a form-fitting jockstrap, you can sit back, relax, and express yourself while still looking amazing.

You Feel: Supported
Wearing the right jockstrap helps you feel supported, which is important in a pair of underwear. The reinforcement that a piece like the Atlas Jockstrap provides allows you to show off your bulge while keeping your anatomy tucked into a safe, protective pouch. The support keeps your testicles from getting pinched and protects your member from chafing.

With the Atlas Jockstrap, you get the benefit of a supportive stripe in the middle of the pouch, a thick waistband, and sturdy straps wrapped around the underside of your cheeks. No matter what activity you partake in, feeling the jockstrap hugging you in all the right ways allows you to give it your all without worrying about slippage.

You Feel: Sexy
Wearing a speedo, or speedo-like underwear, makes you feel undeniably sexy. The way this type of underwear grips your buttcheeks and sits skintight on your package makes almost anyone feel like a famous sex symbol. It helps you strut your stuff confidently, boosting your attractiveness and sex appeal to whoever is around.

The Avalon Low Rise Brief uses package-enhancing colors and prints to help you feel desirable when you put them on. The bold, tropical pattern draws attention right to your member, giving it a prominent appearance. The polyester-spandex material makes this alluring pair of briefs good for the beach or the bedroom, and the tight fit hugs your buttcheeks, giving you a bubbly, seductive look.


You Feel: Kinky
Believe it or not, getting kinky is good for your health. Exploring your kinky side can make you feel:

  • Less anxious
  • More outgoing
  • Open to trying new things
  • More empathetic
  • Less upset by rejection

Wearing a jockstrap is a great way to up the kink in your life and explore your sexual fantasies and desires.

Originally a sport-centered undergarment, the jockstrap has become associated with a niche type of athletic fetishism that is quite kinky for some men. With new designs on the old classic, like with the Vaux VX2 Zipper Jockstrap, play into the naughty aspect of wearing a jockstrap. The neoprene pouch boasts a zipper feature that allows you to experiment with risqué bedroom fun. To make this jockstrap more exciting, the design includes metal rings to attach a chest harness for a truly kinky experience.

Live it Up with Stylish Men’s Undergarments
One of the easiest ways to feel more confident, excited, sexy, and powerful is to work from the outside in. By changing what’s underneath your clothes, you shift how you feel and present a more forward appearance that helps you connect to others and explore your fantasies.

To bring out feelings of excitement, kinkiness, sexiness, and power, shop the collection of speedo underwear and jockstraps at Timoteo. We carry a wide variety of men’s underwear, sportswear, and fetish gear to meet your needs in and out of the bedroom. Find what you are looking for and shop our online selection today.

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