How Jock Straps Enhanced Mens Fashion

How Jock Straps Enhanced Mens Fashion

The men’s jock strap was originally developed as an undergarment that cyclists could wear to protect their “packages” from being jostled about and injured on uneven cobblestone streets. The underwear eventually evolved into a piece worn by athletes during contact sports.

The jock strap has risen and fallen in popularity throughout the years and has moved from a functional undergarment to a sexy fashion statement. Explore the evolution of this fascinating underwear style and get answers to the ultimate question: jock strap - athletic or fashionable?


A Brief History of the Jock strap
The men’s jock strap was invented in 1874 by the Chicago Sharp & Smith sporting goods company. To make sure bike jockeys were not injured on the job, the company designed a jockey strap that could be worn to protect their tender parts. This is where the jock strap gets its name.

Several decades later, the jock strap began to be widely used in both sports and medicine. Canadian hockey players used jockstraps with hard, protective cups, and wrestlers and weightlifters used jockstraps for protection and support. Medical jockstraps were used for those recovering from surgery or injury and with various conditions affecting the reproductive area. As the ‘80s and ‘90s rolled around, athletes began wearing other functional underwear, such as compression shorts, and the jock strap fell out of favor in mainstream athletic wear.

From Functional to Fashionable
Early jock straps were not extremely attractive. Typically they were all-white cotton garments with wide waistbands, a huge padded covering in the front, and plain banded supports that moved from the hip around the buttocks. These jockstraps served an important function in sports and kept athletes from injuring their “equipment,” but they never became a fashionable garment for those outside the gay and bisexual communities.

Although gay and bisexual men have been wearing jockstraps recreationally since the 1950s, it hasn’t been until the last decade that jockstraps have seen a rise in popularity. This renewed interest in underwear has led to a design shift in men’s jock strap underwear, featuring new styles, fabrics, colors, and patterns that make these undergarments a desirable asset in the bedroom.

What Makes a Jock strap Sexy?
At first, it might seem strange that an unattractive cotton undergarment from the 1800s has become a fashion statement in the men’s underwear scene. However, what makes a jock strap sexy has to do with its masculine associations and sports-centered fantasies. The jockstrap’s association with locker rooms and raw masculinity is intoxicating.

It also has to do with the fit and feel of a jock strap, the way a jock strap fits around your backside while accentuating the package in front. There is a certain freedom of having your entire butt exposed while drawing attention to your front with tight-fitting material and eye-catching designs. The waistband also creates a sensual sensation, hugging you around your lower abdomen and teasing what is below.

Jock strap - Athletic or Fashionable?
Although athletes in various sports still wear jockstraps, the jock strap is by far more popular as a fashion statement these days. What makes the new generation of jockstraps stand out as fashionable rather than functional is the attention to aesthetic details that jock strap brands like Cellblock13 put into their collections, as well as the bedroom-oriented functional elements that are build-into the design.

Jockstraps today include exciting details to entice wearers. The Aero Sport 2.0 ties together military and sports with its fun camouflage pattern, which comes in red, blue, grey, and teal. The Vaux VX4 features a jock strap pattern that is made for getting attention. The zebra pink option is especially spicy and is a far cry from the bland jockstraps of the past. The Cyclone 2.0’s racing stripe is a great example of a simple yet sexy pattern. The strip aligns perfectly with your member to show off where the fun is to be had.

The Axiom Zipper Jock strap is a fun take on the undergarment. A black zipper lays atop the front pouch, allowing easy access during contact sports in the bedroom. This is a detail that would never be found on an athletic jock strap but is a fun addition to the new, fashionable variety. The Vaux VX2 jock strap features a zipper and flashy pattern, available in floral and leopard print. When paired with a matching harness, these jockstraps are made for full-on fetish play.

The Pride 21 Jock strap is the most reminiscent of the original athletic design but features an adorable updated twist. The elastic band proudly displays the pride flag colors, wrapping a rainbow around your waist and the jock strap fabric comes in black, blue, or light pink options. The Catalina Jock strap is similar in that the design harkens back to more functional jock strap designs, but the cotton cup in front displays an exciting, striped pattern. The Vaux Cotton Candy Jock strap uses light, airy colors to give a playful vibe in the bedroom.  If you're having problems trying to decide the right color, we have you covered.  Check out this article we wrote that talks about the most attractive colors to wear for men.

The Tight End Jock strap is made of a breathable nylon cotton blend and shows off your goodies in gorgeous form. The Night Hawk Jock strap is made of PU leather and polyester, creating a tight-fitting, bulge-showcasing cup and black elastic straps that cup your butt to create the perfect visual. These materials liven up the jock strap and give it more pizazz than the old-fashioned cotton.

The Final Verdict
Jockstraps have always been part of the gay scene. For decades they have been worn to bring out a powerful, in-charge vibe in the wearer and serve as a way for gay and bisexual men to grab hold of the male-dominated world of sports and make it sexy.

The difference between the jock strap wearers of the 20th century and today is that gay culture is more widely accepted, so what was once on the fringe is now in the open. This allows more designers to play with the design elements of the jock strap to take it from boring and functional to exciting and sensual so that every man can experiment with this fashionable intimate apparel. There is no denying that jockstraps have evolved from their original design and purpose as functional protective garments to fashionable, sexy underwear for the confident man.

Liven Up Your Life With a Jock strap
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