How Do Jockstraps Compare to Other Underwear?


The classic sports jockstrap has made a fashionable comeback, prompting more men to consider this previously underrated underwear style. There are many benefits to wearing a jockstrap, ranging from comfort to sex appeal, but how do they compare to other types of underwear? Keep reading to find out


Jockstraps Keep You Comfy and Cool

You may not necessarily equate men’s jockstraps with comfort, but you’d be surprised just how wearable they are. One of the benefits that fans of jockstraps typically highlight is that they are much cooler to wear than traditional underwear, making them ideal for wearing during the summer months or while working out. 


This temperature regulation is due to two things. Firstly, the lack of back coverage keeps your butt cool. Secondly, the pouch design of the jockstrap means that your genitals are not pushed between your legs, getting hot from your body heat. This is not only more comfortable, but it could even be more healthy and have a positive effect on your fertility.


What’s the Most Comfortable Men’s Underwear Style?

Another reason that many men find jockstraps more comfortable than briefs or boxers because they are incredibly supportive. Whether you are standing, sitting, or exercising, jockstraps keep everything where it needs to be, and you won’t have to deal with roaming underwear when working out. 


On the downside, because they are exposed at the back, jockstraps are not protective of the skin on your buttocks. For this reason, some men prefer to stick to full underwear when wearing tougher fabrics, such as denim.


Jockstraps Have Many Functions

Men’s jockstraps were originally invented in 1874 by C.F. Bennett of the company Sharp & Smith to protect cyclists who had to ride over cobbled streets. Since then, they have been primarily used in sports. 


When paired with a cup, jockstraps protect athletes from nasty pelvic injuries, but on their own, they are also a practical style of men's underweato wear while working out. This is because they provide support and prevent the wearer’s genitals from moving around uncomfortably while exercising.


Jockstraps are also increasingly being worn for health reasons. Men suffering from conditions such as inguinal hernias, hydroceles, and even prostate cancer find the support offered by jockstraps helpful for recovery. 


A Question of Style

In addition to function and comfort, men are just as concerned with how their underwear looks these days. Many men take a real interest in fashion, and that has been reflected in the expansion of menswear lines, including underwear.


Given this new demand for diversity in men’s underwear, it’s not surprising that jockstraps are now in vogue. Athleisure has truly taken over the fashion scene. Never before has sportswear been so omnipresent both on the runway and in the streets, so it’s only that men’s underwear should get sporty too. The jockstrap is the perfect combination of classic sportswear and fashion-forward style for sartorially curious men.




Are Jockstraps the Sexiest Men’s Underwear?

In addition to fitting right into the athleisure craze, men’s jockstraps finally offer guys some sexy underwear options, a luxury that women have been enjoying for years. Until jockstraps became popular again, men had three options: boxers, briefs, or boxer briefs. 


The front pouch that makes up the main part of a jockstrap defines and emphasizes your crotch more than any other style of underwear, and the revealing back gives jockstraps enormous sex appeal. Pair that with the wide range of colors and design features available, and jockstraps become an essential garment for every man’s wardrobe. 


Jockstraps look great when combined with harnesses and other accessories because of the strappy style. Many brands offer matching jockstraps and harnesses, some including d-rings and clips to connect the two. However, don’t be afraid to mix and match different colors, prints, styles, and brands to create a unique look.


Jockstrap Brands to Look For

Jockstrap styles range from chic to daring and, with plenty of exciting jockstrap brands available, you’re sure to find a style you love. Men who aren’t afraid to push the boundaries with their fashion will enjoy Cellblock 13's risque design. This popular brand uses details such as D-rings and clips, zippers, and reflective tape to create jockstraps that really stand out.


However, the more conservative jockstrap wearer will love Cellblock 13’s Tight End range, which is heavily influenced by classic sports jockstraps and features an extra deep waistband and woven pouch and comes in a wide range of hues.


Another fashionable jockstrap brand is Vaux. Vaux’s designs are more classic in fit and materials, but they use fun prints and bright colors. Have fun choosing between florals, animal prints, and day-glo brights. Jockstrap brand Timoteo also makes eye-catching pieces in bold, masculine prints such as stripes and camo. 


Getting the Right Jockstrap Size

Getting the right size and fit is crucial for all men’s underwear but is especially important when it comes to jockstraps. The sizing on jockstraps refers to the waistband size, so it should be the same as your normal underwear. However, because the straps must fit perfectly, you have to be a bit more discerning.


Finding the right size and fit may require trying a few different jockstrap brands because brand sizes vary. You may find it extra challenging to find the right size jockstrap if your body is not an average proportion. For instance, if you have a smaller waist and a larger butt or a larger tummy and a flatter behind, you may have to shop around for a style that suits your body type.


To reap the comfort and style benefits of men’s jockstraps, the straps must fit well. Unlike other underwear that can be a bit more forgiving, if the straps are too tight, it will be uncomfortable, restrictive, and may lead to chafing. Too loose, on the other hand, and the straps may twist, which not only feels uncomfortable, it also looks terrible through clothes.


Don’t let the potential fitting issues put you off trying a jockstrap; once you’ve found the right fit, you will be so impressed by everything they offer, you may never go back to regular underwear again.



Jockstraps Are For You

Jockstraps have been around for nearly 150 years and have been recognized for their practicality, namely the support and protection they provide. However, it is only now that men from all walks of life are fully embracing the aesthetic value of this exciting style of underwear.

If you are interested in fashion, love working out at the gym, find other underwear restrictive and hot to wear, or simply want to look good for yourself or your partner, it might be time to try out a jockstrap, therefore, do not waste any more time and visit Timoteo.

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