In-Shape Man Wearing a Thong Speedo in Public Showing Skin

Thong Speedo

Thongs aren’t just for women’s swimsuits and lingerie anymore. This sexy style is making a big splash in the world of gay men, offering guys the opportunity to wear supportive thong underwear and swimwear that puts their best features on display.

You may wonder if wearing men’s speedo thongs and other thong swimwear in public shows off too much skin, but we think the more skin, the better. Who doesn’t want to appreciate the view of a hot, in-shape guy at the beach?

Benefits of Thong Style
Thong swimwear are one-piece suits that completely cover your package while showing off your rear. The front piece of the swimsuit narrows as it travels under your front and around the back, covering the area between your cheeks while showing off your butt.

Newer designs have front pouches that gather your package, offering a natural size and shape enhancement. Thong swimwear is designed to stay in place with its wide waistband, so you won’t be worried about picking a wedgie while you’re taking selfies on the beach.

Great for tanning
While you can’t completely avoid tan lines unless you’re in the nude, tanning while wearing a thong swimsuit is the next best thing. This style means no more pale butt cheeks or upper thighs. Thongs also sit lower on your hips than other swimwear, letting you tan your lower abs.

Offers more support
A form-fitting thong offers more support for your package than other men’s swimwear styles, including swim trunks. You won’t experience any droopiness or have your junk move around when you’re more active. Thong swimwear keeps you in place while swimming, diving, or playing beach sports.

Less drag while swimming
The compact nature of a thong bathing suit makes them great for swimming. Unlike wearing board shorts, you won’t have excess fabric causing drag in the water and slowing you down. They can even be used as competitive swimwear, though most professional swimmers opt for the non-thong version of the speedo style.

Comfortable to wear
The close fit of this men’s swimsuit hugs your body and doesn’t need adjusting as you wear it. Swimsuits are made from soft materials that feel good next to your skin and dry quickly. This means you can easily slip on a pair of shorts over your swimsuit to meet up with friends or grab some food.

You’ll feel more confident
Swim trunks and board shorts do nothing for your silhouette. The looser style may make you appear heavier or scrawnier than you are. Thong swimwear can make you feel more confident by displaying your physique and making you feel good about your body. Wearing a thong tells the world you’re a self-assured man who isn’t afraid to show off his body.

Gets you noticed
You’ll receive more attention while wearing your thong swimwear. Thongs offer you a great way to show off all the work you put in at the gym. Everyone will notice how good your body looks. Wearing a thong is sexy and drives others wild. It’s a great way to feel more desirable.

Thong Speedo


Can You Wear Thongs in Public?

You don’t have to be at a nude beach to wear thong swimming suits in public. You can wear a thong to the beach or pool as long as you’re following your local public decency laws. States have different laws governing the types of swimwear you’re allowed to wear at publicly operated beaches and parks. Privately operated pools and parks may have their own separate rules as well.

Before heading out, make sure thong swimwear is permitted at your location. Research local restrictions and know if the place you’re visiting has a dress code. You want to look fine at the beach, not be fined for wearing inappropriate swimwear.

Do You Have to Be in Shape?
A guy in any shape or size can rock a thong bathing suit or wear a speedo at the beach or pool. You don’t need to have a good body to look great in a thong. While bigger guys may feel more self-conscious bearing so much skin, they have nothing to be ashamed about. Plenty of men love a bigger guy and will be happy to see you more exposed. Sexiness is all about confidence, and if you feel good in a thong, that’s all that matters.

Thongs are a great way to display all their assets for in-shape guys. A thong-style swimsuit won’t cover your supple cheeks as other swimwear does. Thongs are also great at gathering and displaying your package, making you appear more full in front.

This style bathing suit is great for guys that never miss ab day at the gym. The lower rise waist shows off your entire 6-pack and those sexy V-lines of your hips. And don’t forget about your thick and muscular thighs, which are fully visible top to bottom when you’re wearing a thong swimsuit.

Thong Fabrics to Look For
Thong-style swimwear is anything but boring. The style and fabric of the thong swimsuits you wear depend on the activities you’re planning. Guys looking for attention or just to tan may want thongs in bright colors or with thinner waistbands for optimal UV exposure. While guys planning to be more physically active may opt for a wider waistband that keeps their thong in place as they move.

Swimwear also comes in different types of fabrics. People are most familiar with pieces made from synthetic fabrics such as polyester and polyester blended with body-hugging elastane. But bathing suits come in other fabrics, including ribbed materials, velvet, and neoprene.

Ribbed swimwear is made from a combination of materials and may have nylon and other knits used to produce it. Velvet bathing suits feel great to touch and look luxurious, but aren’t a great choice if you’re planning to go into the water.

Neoprene is a type of synthetic rubber that is soft and flexible to the touch. Even when exposed to extreme cold or heat, it stays that way, making it a great fabric for UV exposure or cold water temperature.

This material is used to make wetsuits for divers, keeping them warm and dry even in harsh conditions. While it may not be your typical bathing suit fabric, the thicker neoprene fabric is comfortable and gives your jewels a little more protection than your standard suit.

Spartan neoprene thong
This versatile thong is great for various activities, including swimming. Made from 100% high-quality neoprene, this thong offers soft fabric on the inside of the pouch that feels great against your package. The outer rubber neoprene layers are waterproof and help keep your package well-insulated while you’re swimming or doing water activities like paddleboarding. Wouldn’t you rather stay warm and dry there rather than deal with shrinkage?

This thong’s 2” wide elastic waistband keeps it in place while you move, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally flashing someone. The snaps on the pouch allow you to remove it completely when you’re engaged in private activities. And it comes with small metal rings on the waistband for harnesses or other attachments. It’s a great choice to show others you have a kinkier side.

Thong Speedo  

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