Men’s Thong Underwear Trends 2021 - Timoteo

Men’s Thong Underwear Trends 2021 - Timoteo

 Contrary to popular belief, men do care about what they wear under their clothes. While some men wear boxers or briefs, a growing number of men love to rock thong underwear, both for fun and as everyday apparel.

Whether you are a die-hard thong wearer or you are new to the men’s thong underwear scene, take a look at the top men’s thong underwear trends for 2021. Get inspired by the top men’s thong underwear trends of 2021. Shop Timoteo to find your perfect pair and join men already rocking thongs wherever they go. Read on!


  • Harness Thongs

Harness thongs are one of the most popular types of thongs in 2021. Harness thongs like the Rogue X Reflective Zipper Thong give you the traditional coverage of a thong with the option of attaching a harness for a fetish gear look. This is great for those who like to wear thongs as normal underwear but spice it up as the night goes on.

One variation of the harness thong is the Flasher Body Harness, a full-body harness-thong combo that is only for the truly adventurous. This Cellblock 13 creation is less thong and more harness, but with its super thin neoprene strap and codpiece, you’ll still feel the thrill of the thong’s anatomy hugging design.


  •  Bright Colors

One of the biggest trends in men’s thongs at the moment is bright, solid-colored pouches that draw attention to your member and help you feel bold and confident. Among the most popular colors are:

  • Bright, lustful reds
  • Classic royal blues
  • Deep dark burgundy
  • Vibrant forest greens

The Cyclone 2.0 comes in blue, burgundy, and green, while the Rogue X Reflective Zipper thong comes in bold neon green, red, and blue. The color red has a long association with sensuality, while blue tends to have a comforting effect. When you grow your collection of these trendy thongs, you can pick out what to wear based on the mood you want to elicit.

Bright Colors men’s thongs


  • Pastels

Another popular trend for men’s thongs is pastel-colored options. Pastels give you a more gentle look and can help you stand out in a crowd. The Vaux Cotton Candy Thong is the perfect example of how pastels can give you a boost in the front while still providing comfort and style.

The cotton candy thong comes in pastel pink, purple, and teal for a unique addition to your trendy thong collection.

  • Racing Stripes

An exciting trending element in men’s thongs is a racing stripe down the middle of the pouch. The stripe revs up anticipation and draws attention to the main event. The Night Hawk Thong features one thick line down the center, with an exciting take on the thong in the back. A small triangular piece of fabric sits just above your cheeks, while a g-string element fits underneath.

  • Vibrant Patterns

Men’s thongs that feature vibrant patterns are also trending this year. This summer, men’s swimwear featured several busy patterns with tropical elements, and this has carried over into thongs for everyday use.

The Avalon Thong showcases your coconuts with a brightly colored pouch featuring palm leaves and tropical flowers. With the option for blue, black, and pink backgrounds, this patterned thong is sure to please.

  • Zippers

Front zippers are the hot new accessory for men’s thongs in 2021, but they also serve a practical purpose. A zipper adds texture and intrigue to the front of the thong while allowing easy access to your manhood. Though it’s possible to find thongs with front-facing horizontal zippers, creating a pouch-like appearance, 2021 is all about the full vertical zipper up the front of your underwear, like the Rogue X Reflective Zipper Thong.

Zipper Thong
  • Thick Waistband

A thick waistband, as seen on the Relay Mesh Thong, is a must-have this year. The 1½” wide elastic band sits comfortably on the hips and provides a snug fit, so your underwear stay where they’re supposed to.

Thicker waistbands lie flat on your chiseled torso and contour to the body, so you can look your best. A wider elastic waistband is an anti-muffin top, preventing the skin on your hips from jutting out over the underwear. A snug waistband can also provide a generous lift to your package, so you feel comfortable and confident all day long.

  • Bulge Enhancement

Getting the bulge you’ve always dreamed of is possible this year when you embrace some of the most popular enhancement trends, including padding, pockets, or contouring.

If you’re looking for an instantly rounder look for your member, selecting underwear with a bit of padding is a great option. However, most men will prefer something more subtle that naturally enhances their size, like contouring.

Contouring underwear is designed to give you a boost, providing natural lift through its shape. This option is extremely comfortable, so you can wear it all day long, turning heads wherever you go.

  • Thongs as Swimwear

It’s time to ditch your brief swimwear for something more daring. If you’re ready to bare it all at the pool or beach this year, you can hop on the male swimwear trend of trading your speedo for a swimsuit that’s a little more cheeky.

  • Dressing for Your Body Type

What’s sexy in 2021? Embracing the skin, you’re in! One of the top trends in men’s thongs this year is dressing for your body type. If you’ve got a dad-bod, choose a thick waistband to cinch everything together.

For tall men, a thong with a brief style at the front will emphasize your muscular legs, whereas shorter men can benefit from a higher-cut thong that elongates the legs, making you appear taller. When you feel good, you’ll look good, too; confidence is the key to rocking any trendy thong.

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