Most Comfortable Thongs for Men

Most Comfortable Thongs for Men

When you feel fit and sexy, there is nothing better than showing off what you’ve got with a stylish thong designed to accentuate your favorite features. You’ll love the way a thong fits, giving you support in all the right places and letting your assets be free to shine in their full-cheeked glory. When you hunt down the perfect pair, thongs are sure to be your new favorite style.

When it comes to choosing the right thong, comfort is important. Of course, the style of the thong matters, but opting for a fashionable thong made of body-loving material is ideal. Timoteo carries a range of men’s thongs that give you both style and comfort in one item. Take a look at Timoteo’s most comfortable thongs for men, and get ready to grab a pair for yourself and every guy you know.


What Makes a Thong Comfortable?
The comfort level of a thong depends on a few different elements, such as the material used in the thong, the fit of the pair of underwear, and how it functions on your body.

  • Material

Soft, breathable materials like cotton feel gentle on your sensitive areas, while lightweight materials like neoprene, nylon, and spandex provide an exciting, form-fitting structure and support your goodies. Thongs that are made of a blend of these materials boast the best of both worlds. They’ll hold you tight while also giving your package a comfortable place to hang out.

  • Fit

Wearing a thong that fits plays a part in how comfortable it feels. A too-small piece will cut into your skin and make you feel restricted, whereas a too large thong may look droopy and require you to constantly adjust it on your body. When you buy a thong that fits properly, the pouch accentuates your member, and the elastic waistband hugs your hips just right, making you feel confident and attractive.

  • Function

The most comfortable thongs function exactly as they are designed. Whether a thong has an attachable harness for fun in the bedroom or a thong swimsuit made out of polyester and spandex, your thong will be most comfortable if it serves the function it was intended for. Thongs should be fashionable and functional, bringing together all elements for a comfortable experience.

Most Comfortable Thongs for Men
When it comes to the comfort and style of men’s thong underwear, Timoteo’s got your front side covered. These are the top six most comfortable thongs based on material, fit, function, and of course, fashion.


  • Spartan Neoprene Thong

The Spartan Neoprene Thong is a new edition to the Cellblock13 collection, and boy is it comfortable. The front pouch is made of neoprene, a soft rubber material that is water and oil resistant, making it the perfect choice for a fun evening.

The neoprene pouch is removable and boasts a fun snakeskin texture on the outside. The super comfy 2” waistband is made of a nylon-spandex blend and shifts with your body as you move, and the butt straps sit just above your cheeks for maximum comfort. If you choose, this thong can be paired with a matching neoprene harness.

  • Calypso Mesh Swim Thong

If you are looking for sexy swimwear, Timoteo has a wide selection of comfortable options. Particularly comfortable in the thong category is the Calypso Mesh Swim Thong, which features a mesh front pouch for your beach balls. The waistband gives you enough support to feel secure, and the small back triangle doesn’t leave you feeling too exposed.

Choose from a floral, leopard, or quirky pineapple pattern for your mesh covering. If you aren’t quite daring enough to bare your assets on the beach, we also offer form-fitting, colorful brief swimwear.

  • Vaux Cotton Candy Thong

This thong, designed by CB13, is called cotton candy for a reason. Made of 95% cotton, the Cotton Candy Thong is lightweight and covers your sweet treat with an airy layer of fabric reminiscent of the spun sugar dessert itself.

This delightful pair of underwear rides low on the hips and gives you a relaxed yet playful look. The butt cheeks are highlighted by the wide waistband and slim triangular fabric that tempts whoever might be admiring your mounds. Choose from jewel-toned purple, pure black, or bubbly pink or teal to add to the look of this thong.

  • Night Hawk Thong

The Night Hawk is one of the newest Cellblock13 creations and features a sleek style with comfortable material that allows you to capture your prey in the bedroom.

Aggressive and structured, the pouch is made of a blend of PU leather, polyester, nylon, and spandex and features a racing stripe down the front. This combo is perfect for those who feel comfortable with more form-fitting materials. The Night Hawk hugs the goods and puts you in charge while feeling comfortable in your own skin.

  • Relay Mesh Thong

The Relay Mesh Thong is made for comfort at the gym or during a post-gym workout. It features a 1½” waistband made of elastic that sits perfectly atop your basketball-shaped cheeks and makes them look extra bouncy.

The contoured pouch is made of a spandex-polyester mesh inspired by sports clothing. While the front accentuates your package and the butt is enhanced by the design, the side view brings out the sexy factor in this thong. Comfortable and flattering, the Relay Mesh Thong is perfect for sports fans and gym buddies.

  • Kennel Club Cadet Thong

If you find comfort in tight-fitting, package-hugging thongs, the Kennel Club Cadet is your ideal underwear. The waistband is extra wide to show off the Charcoen puppy graphic, and the vibrant pouch features a two-tone pattern that brings attention straight to the big dog. The thick waistband and tiny triangle in the back make those cheeks pop, and when paired with the Kennel Club Scout Harness, you are sure to make an impression.

This thong isn’t necessarily comfortable in the traditional sense, but there is something to be said for wearing a thong that makes you feel completely confident when you put it on. Feeling good about yourself and your body offers a different form of comfort.

Thongs, Gear, Accessories, and More!
At Timoteo, we believe in providing you with the best-quality men’s underwear available. Our collection, Cellblock13, features avant-garde designs made from durable, breathable fabrics like cotton and form-fitting easy-to-clean materials like neoprene and spandex.

Our thongs make you feel comfortable, both inside and out so that you can enjoy yourself and the underwear you put on every day. Check out our selection of thongs, men’s briefs, bedroom gear, and more on




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