MrBeast's Right-Hand Man, Chris Tyson, Courageously Shares Trans Journey


Image source: Tyson's Instagram account.

Chris Tyson, commonly known as Chris from Mr Beast, or also known as Kris Tyson, is a popular figure in the world of YouTube. She has a profound story to share. Recently, Tyson opened up about her journey toward her gender identity. This revelation has emphasized the need to understand trans folks.

This article will go deep into Chris Tyson's story of self reflection and the impact of her decision to share her experience.

Who is Chris Tyson?

Chris Tyson is best known as a member of the MrBeast team. It's where she works closely with her childhood friend, Jimmy Donaldson (aka MrBeast). As MrBeast's right-hand woman, Tyson is key in creating popular YouTube challenges. Her humor and kindness have made her a favorite.

In the public eye, Chris Tyson is seen as more than a sidekick; she's a core part of the MrBeast brand. Her friendship with Donaldson and their history make the videos entertaining. Fans appreciate this, as seen in their Twitter accounts. This close relationship with the MrBeast crew helped Chris build her following.

She is also recognized for her video appearances and audience connection. As part of the MrBeast team, she's become a well-loved and influential public figure.

Chris Tyson's Public Revelation

Image source: Tyson's Twitter account.

According to her Twitter account, Chris Tyson made an important public announcement when she announced that she was starting hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

This was a big moment for Tyson, as she shared a personal part of her life with the world. She explained that this step was important for her gender-affirming care. It showed her followers how important it is to make informed choices about their own bodies.

Tyson sharing her new pronouns and getting support from friends and the MrBeast team shows the significance of having people who care about us. Their support helps her be herself. When those around us accept and know us, it really makes a difference.

According to Erratic Hour, Chris Tyson was married to Katie Tyson, and they have a child named Tucker. They separated in early 2022. Tyson's journey has crossed with her role as a parent. She has also faced criticism for her parenting during her gender journey.

Image source: Tyson's Twitter and Instagram accounts.

The reaction from the wider community varied. While many fans showed support, Tyson also faced transphobic reactions. MrBeast, among others, publicly stood up for her against this negativity. They appreciated the insight she provided into the challenges faced by gender-nonconforming individuals. This showed that people's views are moving towards understanding and acceptance.

One person tweeted comparison photos of Tyson before and after. They captioned it "bro wtf happened" to show their surprise. Tyson's reply to this tweet was "HRT, and it’s only been 2 months," acknowledging her journey. 

These reactions show that while progress has been made, there's still a lot more to do to teach people the public about gender identity. 

Understanding Trans Identity

Image source: Tyson's Instagram account.

Being transgender means that a person's true gender identity varies from the sex determined at birth. It's not about physical features but how individuals understand and identify themselves. For example, someone born with female anatomy might feel and know they are male, or vice versa. This is a deeply personal experience especially when each trans person has a unique journey.

Gender studies experts say that being transgender is a natural part of human diversity. It's about knowing and accepting who you really are.

It’s helpful when trans people like Chris Tyson tell their stories. It shows everyone that trans people are just regular people with their own experiences. Seeing trans people in movies, TV, and online makes them feel valued. This helps everyone know and accept each other more.

According to research by Miller and Grollman, gender nonconforming people often face societal pressure to follow traditional gender rules. However, making informed decisions about their gender identity and how they express it is crucial for their mental and physical health.

Understanding Informed Consent in Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

Image source: Tyson's Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Informed consent HRT is a process where trans individuals are given the freedom to realize if hormone replacement therapy is suitable for them. That, too, without unnecessary barriers. It's important because it respects what they know they need. It is a crucial aspect of life saving gender affirming care.

As part of her journey, Chris Tyson started HRT after understanding its implications. On her Instagram account, Tyson wrote about its positive impact on her life, marking it as essential in aligning her body with her gender identity. In a July interview with Anthony Padilla, Tyson mentioned that the therapy saved her life.“I’ve never felt connected to my body until I started taking HRT,” she told Padilla. She also added that she’d been “fully confident” in her transition for over a year.

Comparisons with Other Public Figures

Image source: Tyson's Twitter account.

As shared on her Twitter account and MrBeast's videos, Chris Tyson's journey echoes the experiences of other public figures who have bravely shared their stories. Like Tyson, these individuals often face a "world country is wild" reaction and fight against hate.

People like Marsha P. Johnson, a 1960s activist, and Sarah Savage have also stood against hate and shared their transitions. Stars like Laverne Cox, Caitlyn Jenner, and Elliot Page have also recently shared their experiences. It has helped others understand what being transgender means.

Chris Tyson's decision to openly accept her new pronouns and discuss the life-saving gender healthcare she received shows a bigger change among celebrities. It also reflects influencers advocating informed consent in HRT and embracing gender-fluid identities.

Wrapping It Up

Image source: Tyson's Instagram account.

Chris Tyson's journey, as shared by herself and her friends like Donaldson and Karl, has certainly opened our eyes. It showed us the value of understanding and supporting the trans community. Her story, from the personal insights in MrBeast's videos, embracing her pronouns, to her own Twitter account, highlights how informed consent HRT saved her and many others' lives.

Tyson's story goes beyond YouTube to the whole world. Her fight against transphobia highlights the urgent need for empathy. It is needed for many to get life saving gender healthcare in a 1st world country.

Together, we can make a world where everyone is valued, no matter their gender, despite all this transphobia.

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