Reasons Every Gay Man Should Own a Jockstrap

Reasons Every Gay Man Should Own a Jockstrap

Initially limited to the athletes among us, men’s jockstraps have made a recent resurgence in everyday wear for the fashionable man. New fabrics, styles, and cup options mean it’s a comfortable everyday alternative to traditional boxers or briefs.

Timoteo offers a wide variety of jockstraps to suit your every need, whether you’re looking for a sexy night in or something to boost your confidence at work.

A Brief History of the Jockstrap
Early bicycles, called penny farthings, were very different from the bicycles on the road today. You’ve probably seen them in images; the giant front wheel, the tiny back wheel, and most importantly, wooden seats and no springs.

Add the old-fashioned cobblestones, and you have a recipe for trauma to the family jewels. C.F. Bennet, founder of Bike Athletic Company and noted bicycle jockey, invented the jockstrap in 1874, calling it the bicycle jockey strap.

Other athletes quickly joined in, seeking support for their genitalia during physical activity and protection from injury, shortening the name to jockey strap and eventually just jockstrap. In the 1950s and 1960s, the jockstrap entered gay lingerie fashion, quickly becoming a staple in drawers of gay men everywhere.

While features change depending on the sport, the jockstrap has had the relatively same design since its inception: A front pouch connected to the elastic waistband and two straps around the glutes. However, the fabric has changed, making them more comfortable, fashionable, and even appropriate for everyday wear.

Why Gay Men Should Own a Jockstrap
No gay man’s lingerie drawer is complete without at least one jockstrap. Here are five great reasons to add a jockstrap from Timoteo to your repertoire.


  • They Protect Your Groin

When people think about jockstraps, they often picture the hard cups of athletic jockstraps. However, today’s jockstraps have more comfortable cup options, so they are appropriate for everyday wear. Choose between soft, flexible, and even no-cup designs while reducing the risk of groin strain during everyday activities.

If you plan on swinging by the gym on your way home from work, you can protect your groin from injury without bringing another item of clothing to change into. Wearing a jockstrap all day has never been more practical.


  • They Prevent Chafing and Sweat Rashes

We’re all trying to get more activity during the day, whether biking to work or taking the stairs. Wearing traditional underwear doesn’t elevate your manhood away from your groin and upper inner thighs, which could lead to chafing or sweat rashes just from typical physical activity throughout the day.

The lack of fabric covering your buttocks means you won’t suffer while on a bus with broken AC or running to catch the subway. Instead, your skin will breathe easier, reducing chafing in the lower glutes and upper hamstrings.


  • They’re Sexy

A staple of gay lingerie, there’s nothing like wearing a jockstrap under your business attire to give you a little extra confidence during the workday. In romantic situations, the jockstrap is revealing yet still a tease, which is a tricky combination to achieve.

By limiting the fabric to the cup, you accentuate your best feature, and the straps define your buttcheeks. Opting for a jockstrap with shoulder straps can also accentuate your chest muscles for maximum sex appeal.


  • They’re Comfortable

No more bunching of fabric whenever you sit down and no more restricting fabric requiring subtle adjustments throughout the day. By limiting fabric to the cup and pieces of elastic around the waist and glutes, you’ll be much more comfortable for the entire day.


  • They’re a Fashion Statement

Jockstraps now come in a wide range of colors and fabrics, allowing you to be bold and daring while boosting your confidence whether you are at work, heading to the gym, or preparing for a sexy night out. Be daring, and find the perfect jockstrap pattern for your style.
Popular Timoteo Jockstraps

If you’re unsure where to start when it comes to jockstrap brands, here are some of our favorites at Timoteo:


  • The New Cellblock13 Tight End Jockstrap

Made from a blend of nylon, cotton, and spandex, the new Cellblock 13 Tight End Jockstrap has a sturdy elastic waist and a mesh cup to provide support in an updated take on the popular athletic jockstraps from the past. Available in over ten colors, there’s sure to be a design that speaks to you.


  • Vaux VX2 Zipper Jockstrap

One of the sexiest options in our catalog, the Vaux VX2 Zipper Jockstrap has a neoprene pouch that comes in vibrant, bold patterns. A zipper offers easy access to your manhood, and detachable straps (sold separately) draw attention to your chiseled chest, sure to capture the attention of your favorite guy.


  • X-Back Mesh Jock Pouch

The X-Back Mesh Jock Pouch comes in four vibrant colors, and the smooth inner lining provides the best comfort to your boys. The pouch is padded and textured with a racing stripe detail to help you feel confident all day long. Note that this jockstrap requires purchasing the Bare Mesh Harness (sold separately) to keep everything in place.


  • Avalon Jockstrap

The newest jockstrap in our catalog, the Avalon Jockstrap from the Avalon Underwear Collection by Timoteo, provides all-day comfort with its light, soft polyester fabric and thin, low-rise waistband.Explore the Rest of Timoteo’s Catalog Today

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