The Best Sexy Underwear, Jockstraps and Thongs for Men

Best Sexy Underwear, Jockstraps

Feeling sexy is about being confident in who you are and what you’re wearing. You’ll never feel or look sexy in underwear that isn’t flattering to your body.

Find underwear that excites you and makes you feel masculine from Timoteo. Our fashionable men’s underwear collections feature jockstraps, thongs, and briefs in sexy designs that’ll leave the other guys drooling.

What Makes Men’s Underwear Sexy
Sexy underwear isn’t just about what you can or can’t see. It’s about how the fabric looks and feels and how it makes you feel when wearing it. Your underwear should make you feel strong and enhance feelings of your male power, so you’re ready to take on whatever the world throws at you.

Your underwear is an extension of your personality and should reflect who you are inside. Sexy underwear comes in bold colors and patterns, allowing you to express your individuality through your selection.

Sexy underwear is designed with features that show off your best assets. You can find front pouches that lift you, putting your package on display. Some varieties of underwear also have butt-enhancing features to make your backside appear more luscious. They’re stylish and sexy, but still comfortable and functional for everyday wear.

The Sexiest Jockstraps
Jockstraps are one of the sexiest types of underwear for men. Their design is simple, with a front pouch held in place by elastic bands around your waist and under your butt. Jockstraps make you feel like you’re wearing next to nothing down there; what’s sexier than that?

The pouch keeps your package lifted and protected, giving you a natural boost in size. Its elastic bands mean your rear is on full display and gives others easy access. The bands also support your butt, enhancing your natural shape. Feeling good about your size and shape is essential when choosing new underwear. The more confident you are, the sexier you’ll appear to others.

While jockstraps were originally designed for more athletic use, more underwear designers are embracing the sexy features of the jockstrap and designing them for everyday wear and use in gay sex.

You won’t have to worry about underwear lines while wearing a Pride 21 jockstrap. Its low-cut waistband and contoured pouch will go unnoticed under clothing. Whether you’re in a finely tailored suit or the tightest pair of jeans, you’ll feel confident knowing your jockstrap is making you look your sexiest.

A jockstrap is the only kind of underwear you can wear throughout kink play and gay sex. The CellBlock 13 Rogue Jockstap’s backless style and zippered front pouch help entice your partners and give easy access during foreplay and sex. It also has d-rings and an attached harness for even more fun.

Best Sexy Underwear, Jockstraps

Sexy Thongs
Thongs are another great option if you’re looking for sexy underwear. Thongs differ from jockstraps but still offer you full coverage and support up front while letting you bare your skin in the back. Thongs let your ass be the star, showing off your shape and voluptuousness. Modern men’s thongs underwear is designed with comfort and sexiness in mind, so you won’t be picking out a wedgie.

Less fabric means thongs are more comfortable to wear in hot and humid weather, keeping you dry back there. Nothing kills your confidence faster than a sweaty mess inside your pants. A thong’s lightweight fabric and barely-there design keep you feeling fresh and sexy.

It’s not just the bare backside that makes thongs so sexy. Thongs are designed with front pouches or slings, keeping your package gathered together and looking extra appealing. You’ll look sexy no matter what thong you’re sporting.

Add some sexiness to your everyday life with this Avalon Thong from Timoteo. The Avalon Collection is made from a super soft poly/spandex blend that hugs your body, giving you a great shape with all-day comfort. This thong sits low on your hips to fit seamlessly under any style of pants you wear. Its bright colors and design are a great way to show off your personality and feel sexy.

Feel even sexier with the Night Hawk Thong from Cellblock 13. Its special fabric blend gives you a look and feel of real leather with the comfort and easy cleanup of any spandex/poly blend underwear. What’s sexier than the feeling of leather under your hands? The Night Hawk is great at showing off your bulge and highlighting your ass with its contrast piping and color block design.

Even Briefs Can Be Sexy
A flattering pair of briefs can be just as sexy, even though they reveal less. Sometimes it’s more fun to leave a little to the imagination and make your guy work for more access. Briefs that are sexy use design features like color blocking and piping to highlight your bulge and ass. They are more form-fitting than regular briefs to help show off your shape.

The sexiest briefs offer soft and silky fabrics that feel good to touch. Throw away the boring old plain cotton briefs and find ones featuring cotton/spandex or cotton/poly/spandex blends. Blended fabrics give you a softer feel while still maintaining the structure and support of your brief.

Cotton and synthetic blends keep you dry and comfortable while offering a more body-hugging fit and stretch.
The Vaux Cotton Candy Brief by CB13 is a great option for a sexy brief you can wear daily. Available in bright gem tones to make your jewels shine, this brief is made of lightweight fabric and sits low on your hips for all-day comfort. Its contrast piping highlights your font and back features for when you want to be noticed.

If you’re looking for a little something extra, consider the Halfback Low Rise Brief. Its lower-rise design has an athletic fit and pairs great under your tightest and lowest-rise pants. This brief has the added feature of a contoured jock-strap style front pouch, giving your bulge extra support and a natural lift. Looking a little bigger always makes a guy feel sexy.

For the guy looking for briefs he can take from the office to the sex club, check out the Atlas Brief. This brief is made out of super-stretchy and comfortable viscose fabric, tight enough to show off your goods while being soft enough for wearing all day long.

Its manly colors in army green, grey, blue, or red show off your masculine side, while contrast piping enhances the size of your package. Pair this brief with its matching harness for some fun fetish play.

Best Sexy Underwear, Jockstraps

Spice Up Your Life with Sexy Underwear by Timoteo
Gay men have high expectations for underwear. The right pair of underwear can boost your confidence and make you look irresistible. When choosing your own sexy underwear, think about your preferences and lifestyle. The more adventurous guy may want a jockstrap or a thong with d-rings or a harness already attached.

Or maybe you prefer intrigue and feel sexier in more subtle designs like briefs. There’s no wrong way to feel sexy, and the sexiest underwear is the pair that you feel comfortable and confident in. Find your next pair of sexy underwear at Timoteo. Our store offers a diverse range of styles and designs across our multiple collections. We’ve been creating underwear with exceptional fit and quality with gay men in mind since 2001. Our fashion-forward designs and fetish-inspired collections offer plenty of options, so you can always feel sexy. Visit our store and find your next pair of sexy underwear.



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