The Top Men’s Swimwear Trends For 2021

Men’s Swimwear

As the summer rolls around, there’s nowhere better to be than lounging by a pool or taking a dip in the open water, which means it’s time to go shopping for some new, stylish swimwear. While women style their outfits for the beach with sarongs and cover-ups along with their bathing suits and bikinis, men tend to make their style statement with their choice of swimming trunks or briefs, and this summer, there are some chic new trends to choose from. 


Tropical Prints With a Twist

Nothing says summer like a tropical print of palm trees, hibiscus flowers, and monstera leaves. The trend has been around for a few years, but shows no sign of falling out of favor in 2021. These fun and flirty designs spark joy, and they make a real statement on a pair of low-rise men’s swimwear briefs or trunks. To put a fresh new twist on a classic look this summer, opt for a print that has an unexpected feature, in addition to the traditional tropical foliage. Images of birds such as toucans, flamingos, and parrots or surprising colors such as neons and pastels will revamp your look for 2021.


Relaxed Vintage-Look Swimwear

Whether it’s jeans, sunglasses, or jackets, vintage and retro styles are here to stay. However, while you might stumble upon a pair of original Levi’s 501s in a thrift store, even if you managed to find vintage men’s swimwear, it would be best avoided. Fortunately, you can get that vintage look without resorting to second-hand briefs.One of the tricks brands use to create a vintage feel in their swimwear is incorporating washed-down nylon. This relaxed fabric takes away that fresh-out-of-the-box stiffness that new swimwear can sometimes have. The colors are more subdued, and the fabric is soft and super comfortable to wear from day one.


Recycled Materials That Help Clean Up the Oceans

Sustainability is more than a trend; it’s a socially responsible philosophy that millions of people around the globe are embracing. You may have switched to reusable shopping bags and ditched the plastic straws, but have you considered investing in clothes made from recycled materials? In 2021, recycled men’s swimwear is all the rage.


Sustainable fashion of all forms has become more mainstream over the last few years, which is a huge turning point in the battle for a less wasteful society, as the number of clothes that end up in landfills has doubled over the last 20 years in the United States. Swimwear has traditionally been made with plastic-based synthetic materials that are often non-biodegradable, but this year you can find a wide selection of fashionable men’s swimming trunks and briefs in materials derived from sources such as plastic bottles, recovered fishing nets, and ocean debris. As you go swimming this summer in your recycled trunks, you can feel good knowing that your purchase not only looks great, but also helps to protect the very ocean you’re enjoying.

Men’s Swimwear
Clash of the Patterns

Swimwear with prints is always eye-catching on the beach, and this year there are two contrasting styles gathering popularity: floral patterns and military camo. Floral prints are a fresh option for your swimwear in the summer of 2021. Whether you go for classic roses in subdued hues or dayglo Hawaiian flowers, the contrast of a traditionally feminine print on your masculine form is chic and refreshing. 


On the opposite end of the spectrum, camo prints have become incredibly popular. Military fashion never really goes out of style, but this year it’s made its way to the beaches. Stay traditional with classic green and brown camo, or opt for a fun, colorful alternative with shades such as purple or blue. If you’re daring, why not play with clashing patterns and mix your florals and camo? Simply pair your camo trunks with some floral sliders or a printed baseball cap.


Skimpy Swimwear for Men

Women have long had a vast range of swimwear styles available to them, from super skimpy bikinis to more conservative swim dresses, but men have been covered up in baggy board shorts and long trunks for the last few decades. In recent years, though, more men have embraced shorter, tighter men’s swimming trunks, finally realizing they are often more flattering and certainly more stylish. In 2021, fashion-forward men are finally stepping out in a range of revealing styles. There are many chic and skimpy cuts to experiment with, including low waistbands and high-cut legs. 


If you want to try something a bit sexier than your regular swimming shorts but aren’t quite ready for a swim thong, go for a super short trunk style, but make sure they are form-fitting, or you could accidentally flash the other beachgoers. If you’re feeling bold, get swim shorts with a built-in jockstrap;the straps lift your buttocks, helping you look your best on the beach.


Versatile Tailored Swim Shorts

One of the advantages of many men’s swimming trunks is that, when dry, they can be worn as shorts, making them pretty versatile. However, with most styles, it’s quite evident that they are swimming shorts so, while they are suitable to wear at casual bars near the beach, you probably wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing them out and about or to an upscale establishment. 

If you’re looking for a more versatile option, you will love the tailored men’s swimming shorts that are hitting stores this summer. With features commonly found on tailored shorts such as buttons and a back pocket with a zipper, and a more structured cut than is normally seen on men’s swimming trunks, this swimwear looks like it could be a pair of chino shorts right up until you hit the water. With this look, there’s not a drawstring or ruched waistband in sight. Taking a pair of tailored swim shorts on your next vacation is a great way to pack light as they can be worn for various occasions. To maximize the versatility of the look, opt for classic shades such a navy blue, slate grey, or black.

Men’s Swimwear
Swimwear With UV Protection

The importance of protecting your skin from the sun's harmful UV rays with sunblock has been well documented, and more products with the same healthy objective are hitting the market every day, including clothing such as swimwear. Not only will keeping your skin away from the sun help you to avoid conditions such as skin cancer, but it will also keep you looking younger and fresher for longer. Textiles with UPF protection help ensure you’re safe while swimming and spending time by the water, even in the harshest summer sun. This sensible men’s swimwear comes in all styles, from sport board shorts to slim fit briefs, so you can enjoy the benefits of smart fabrics, whatever your style.


Swimwear in 2021 is About Both Style and Substance

From classic tailoring and ultra-masculine camo to summery tropical prints and skimpy swimwear, there are plenty of ways to make a statement on the beach this summer. In addition to looking great, the swimming shorts and briefs on the market in 2021 use technology to protect both your skin and the environment; smart swimwear is here to stay.

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