What is a Tanga Brief? The Trendy New Mens Brief Style

Tanga Brief

Much to the delight of underwear-loving men everywhere, the tanga brief has finally made its way onto the gay men’s underwear scene. The tanga, part-thong, part-brief style underwear was initially regulated to women’s lingerie. However, it is taking the manscape by storm and proving a striking look for men across the country.

Whether you are new to the tanga brief or are a long-time fan, explore this exciting new men’s style of underwear and find out where you can get yourself a pair.

A Brief History of Men’s Underwear
Before diving into the recent popularity of the tanga brief, it is helpful to examine a brief timeline of men’s underwear. The tanga is a combination of thong and brief, which came out of this fascinating history.

The loincloth, perhaps the most ancient type of underwear, was worn much like a loose, modern-day thong. The loincloth was worn by Ancient Egyptians, Minoan seafarers, and Indigenous American men. Eventually, men began wearing braies, long trousers with a removable (and prominently padded) codpiece.

In 1874, the jockstrap was invented to protect the genitals of young bicycle jockeys who rode on cobblestone streets. Finally, in 1935, the first pair of briefs came onto the market. These featured the familiar Y-shaped fly and paved the way for other, skimpier pairs of briefs.

What is a Tanga Brief?
Men’s tanga briefs are the hot new trend in men’s underwear. They offer slightly more coverage than a thong, jockstrap, or g-string, but they’re more revealing than traditional briefs. This brief style features a waistband with no additional fabric at the sides connecting the back and front of the underwear. The front of tanga briefs is similar to a thong, with a form-fitting pouch that lets you cover up your member while showing off its shape.

The back of tanga briefs have more material than a thong or g-string; you can think of them as a mini-brief, with fabric tastefully covering a small portion of your buttocks.

Tanga briefs are a fantastic option for men who want to flaunt their goodies while leaving room for a touch of mystery. You can choose to buy low-rise styles that are ideal for wearing to the beach when you want to avoid unsightly tan lines.

Tanga Brief

Why Rock the Tanga Style?
There are plenty of reasons to rock the tanga style brief over other underwear options. Tanga’s do a great job of helping you flaunt your package without revealing too much. They also provide a better fit under your clothes and look flattering on various body types. Best of all, tanga briefs add a little excitement to your bedroom adventures.

  • Flattering on a variety of body shapes

The basic tanga looks excellent on different types of body sizes and shapes. Depending on the waistband thickness, tanga’s can highlight or hide your stomach. If you are proud of your rock-hard abs, go with a low-rise, thin tanga waistband. If you prefer to cover the lower part of your tummy, choose a thicker waistband.

Because of their no-side design, Tangas work great for showing off your legs. The side cutouts make almost any man’s legs look strong and powerful, while showcasing your bulge up front.

  • Allow a wider range of motion

The side cut out of the Tanga brief allows for a wider range of motion when wearing the underwear. Having room to maneuver is a sensual and freeing experience. Other types of underwear don’t allow you the same range of motion and can feel restricting in certain situations.

Tanga’s are preferable for men who enjoy moving in new and interesting ways. They are also great for men who want to participate in sporting activities but prefer more coverage than a jockstrap provides.

  • Help you flaunt your goodies

Tanga briefs are a great way to show off your goodies without feeling fully exposed. The front pouch on a tanga is similar to the pouch on a jockstrap, providing you with an excellent way to draw attention to your member.

Tanga’s also give you an attractive way to emphasize your butt while covering it with gorgeous soft cotton fabric.

  • Provide more coverage than thongs

Thongs are super sexy underwear, but they aren’t for everyone. Tanga briefs give you a combination of thong and brief so that you can show a little cheek without going overboard. Some tanga briefs are more suggestive than others, so pick the style that works best for your comfort level. Look to see if the Tanga brief offers full or partial ass coverage to make your choice.

  • Better fit under your clothes

Tanga briefs offer a better fit under your clothing. Boxers and boxer briefs can feel clunky and offer little protection for your junk. They can also cause you to look lumpy and bumpy in tight-fitting clothes. Thongs may work in some cases, but thongs can become uncomfortable and cause your butt to rub against rough fabrics, like denim jeans.

For a great fit and feel, tanga briefs are an ideal option. The front pouch gently cups your member, providing support and protection, as well as an uplifting boost. The cut-out sides allow you to move freely in your clothes and the back coverage lets your ass shine without chafing.

  • Add excitement to the bedroom

You can wear tanga briefs to spice up your love life and add excitement to the bedroom. While not as fetish-friendly as a neoprene jockstrap, the tanga style departs from normal men’s underwear options. When your partner sees you in a pair of tanga briefs, with your prominent bulge and exposed thighs, you can be sure that things will heat up in a new way.

Underwear for Men who Dare to Bare
For men looking to share a little more of themselves than a tanga brief allows, consider these sensual and stylish thongs and briefs from Timoteo.

  • Avalon Thong

If you love the tanga brief look but want to show off more of your ass, the Avalon Thong is a perfect choice. The waistband on this thong mirrors the style of tanga briefs; it’s designed to sit below your natural waistline and draw attention to your chiseled abs and pelvis.

  • Spartan Neoprene Thong

The Spartan Neoprene Thong from Timoteo offers a slightly thicker 2-inch waistband and a triangle of fabric just above your booty cleavage. This underwear also comes with a removable rubber pouch to liven things up wherever you are.

Tanga Brief

  • Night Hawk Thong

The Night Hawk Thong from Cell Block 13 provides a fascinating experience for the wearer and onlooker. This piece features a wide elastic waistband along with a PU leather body. The back of the thong showcases your tush with a trimmed triangle of PU leather that narrows into a thing g-string.

If you prefer a slightly more covered approach to underwear, choose from Timoteo’s brief options. Top picks include the Atlas Brief, the Halfback Low Rise, the Rascal Low Rise Brief, and the Kick Off Lace Up Brief. These briefs are functional and stylish. They give you more coverage in the back and side than a thong or tanga brief, while still upping your sexy factor more than the traditional boxer or boxer brief.

Discover Sexy Underwear You’ll Love
If you are looking to spice up your underwear game with a tanga brief, thong, or jockstrap, shop Timoteo’s exciting collection. We carry sexy briefs, thongs, and fetish gear for those who are bold in the bedroom. View our complete collection of gay men’s underwear and accessories online to grow your lingerie collection.

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