What is More Comfortable, Boxers, Briefs, or a Plain Old Jockstrap?

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Having fun and sexy underwear doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort. Underwear that’s too tight or loose on your body doesn’t feel good, and it can ruin the look of your outfit. You may think boxer shorts are the only option when it comes to comfortable underwear, but briefs and jock underwear can offer guys just as much comfort.

Learn what features to look for that leave you feeling cozy and how you can find men’s underwear that’s stylish and comfortable, no matter your preferences.

What Makes Men’s Underwear Comfortable?
The design of your underwear, how your underwear fits, and the materials used impact its level of comfort.

  • Design and fit

Your underwear won’t be comfortable if the design and fit don’t work for your body type, outfit, or activity. Traditional men’s underwear design styles took a more one-size-fits-all approach that wasn’t comfortable for every guy. More modern designs offer higher leg cuts and lower waistbands that fit comfortably under clothing and various body types.

Comfort also depends on the support and fit of your underwear. Underwear that’s too tight around your waist, legs, or crotch is never comfortable. If the front pouch of your underwear holds your jewels too tightly, it could even lower your sperm count. The most comfortable underwear hugs your body without digging into your skin.

The shape and style of underwear impact its levels of support. Boxers will not lift and support your package as much as briefs or a jockstrap. Boxers may give you enough support for wearing around the house and in office settings. But if you’re planning on running or playing contact sports, you may want the support and protection other underwear styles provide.

  • Fabric and materials used

Gone are the days when men’s underwear was made only of cotton. Guy’s have more options now than ever for what type of underwear fabric to wear. While you may not typically think about fabric type when choosing underwear, it’s a critical factor in the garment’s overall comfort.

Underwear with scratchy or rough fabric can chafe your skin and never feels comfortable. All-cotton underwear absorbs your sweat and body oils, leaving you with a smelly, soggy crotch and bum. You’ll also want to avoid fabrics that easily stretch out over time. No one likes having to adjust their baggy underwear constantly.

Instead, look for fabric blends that offer guys a luxurious feel but are easy to care for. The most comfortable feeling fabric is a matter of personal preference, but you can’t go wrong with underwear made from a blend of cotton, polyester, and spandex.

Cotton is a natural fiber that breathes well and is often used in the gusset lining of briefs. Polyester is a synthetic fiber that’s strong and doesn’t wrinkle. It helps your underwear maintain its shape and dries faster than natural materials.

Spandex, also called elastane, is another synthetic fabric that is lightweight and durable. Its elastic nature helps underwear conform to your shape and hug your body for a close but comfortable feel.

Other underwear fabrics to consider include:

  • Bamboo
  • Microfiber
  • Nylon
  • Satin or silk
  • Rayon and viscose rayon

Try out different blends to learn which you like best. Underwear designed for athletic or performance wear typically has soft fabrics that wick away moisture and are easy to wash. They offer guys comfort whether they’re active or not.

Are Boxers the Most Comfortable?
Some guys prefer boxers because they offer a lot of breathability, coverage, and overall comfort. Traditionally, boxers are loose shorts that cover your rear and package and the tops of your thighs. This underwear style was modeled after the shorts professional boxers wore inside the ring.

Boxers are made from various materials, including cotton and silk. They have an elastic waistband with a button closure or fly in front for easy access. Their leg openings offer guys unrestricted movement and come in various leg widths. More modern boxer designs offer guy’s a slimmer leg opening to better fit under tight jeans and trousers.

Boxer shorts offer guys more freedom of movement, but that doesn’t mean they’re the most comfortable. Boxers may not be the best choice if you’re more physically active throughout the day or going for a workout. Active guys need more support than boxers provide. Consider boxer briefs, briefs, or jockstraps instead.

men’s underwear

How to Find Comfy Briefs
The comfiest briefs offer guys superior fit and soft materials. Briefs are an excellent choice for guys who have large or muscular thighs and for anyone that wants to show off their legs.

Look for modern brief styles available with the classic rise and low rise waistband options to meet your needs. This form-fitting underwear offers more support than boxers and is a great choice for everyday wear or heading to the gym. Instead of plain cotton briefs, look for blends that include synthetic fabrics like polyester, spandex, and rayon.

The Rascal low-rise brief offers a modern fit with classic appeal. Made from high-quality rayon and spandex, this pair of briefs won’t sag during wear. The soft material feels great against your skin, and the Y-shaped underwear provides excellent support for your package. This brief’s lower rise design disappears under clothing and features Timoteo’s registered trademark Cellblock 13 logo on its front waistband.

Jockstraps are More Comfortable Than You Think
It’s common for athletes to wear jockstraps, but lately, more gay men are embracing them as everyday underwear. Men’s jockstraps are a great athletic supporter, keeping your package protected and in place during the most intense activities.

The jockstrap’s design consists of a front pouch that completely covers and supports your genitals, with two elastic straps in the back that wrap around your rear. The straps expose your cheeks while giving them a natural boost. The minimalist design uses less fabric than other types of underwear and can help you stay cool and comfortable during the warmer months.

Men’s jockstrap underwear is sized by your waistband measurement, so your perfect size could vary between styles and brands of underwear. The most comfortable jock underwear has straps that are snug and feel like a perfect fit. They shouldn’t be too tight and dig into your skin or restrict your ability to move. Avoid straps that are too loose because they can twist and show the underwear line beneath your clothes.

Finding a comfortable jockstrap also involves knowing how you’ll use it. You’ll need a firmer fitting jockstrap for workouts and close physical contact to protect your package. Look for options with removable cups and wide waistbands to help it stay in place. This Tight-End Jockstrap offers guy’s comfort featuring a woven mesh pouch and stability with its wide, rugged waistband.

For everyday wear, your jockstrap doesn’t need athletic features. Jockstraps with thinner waistbands and those that sit low on your hips are great choices because they won’t show under your jeans or trousers. The Avalon jockstrap is a great example of this feature. It’s made from a soft, comfortable single-ply polyester/spandex blend in fun, vibrant colors.

men’s underwear

Find Stylish and Comfy Underwear with Timoteo

Every guy needs underwear that fits well, makes them look great, and is so comfortable that you forget you’re wearing it. Timoteo offers guys modern underwear designs to show their shape and explore their playful side while staying comfortable. Our variety of underwear styles and fits means you’ll find a pair you love, no matter your preferences. Visit our online store to see what we have to offer.

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