What is the Best Brand of Brief Style Swimsuit for Men?

Best Brand of Brief Style Swimsuit

Swim briefs are a shorter and slimmer cut swimsuit style for men. Unlike longer swim trunks and board shorts, shorter swim briefs have tighter body-hugging fabric to show off your legs and other assets. Swim briefs, also known as speedos after the brand that popularized them, are more popular in Europe than the US but are gaining popularity in the gay community.

There’s no better way to show off your physique at a pool party or the beach than in a brief style bathing suit. Timoteo offers fun and sexy men’s swim briefs made for every body type.

All About Swim Briefs
The swim brief was first introduced in the 1960s when swim trunks were getting shorter, and innovation led to the creation of form-fitting fabrics like nylon and spandex. Peter Travis designed the first swim brief for Australian’s swimwear company Speedo in the 1960s with great success. Many people refer to this brand instead of the style name when talking about swim briefs because of how popular they became in the 1960s and 1970s.

Swim briefs have been a less popular choice among men in the US, but that is changing. Gay men are driving the growing trend of swim briefs across the country. Swim briefs are shaped like underwear briefs, with a triangle-shaped front and full coverage in the back. Swim briefs sit low on your hips and are secured with an elastic waistband. They’re made from form-fitting fabrics that accentuate your package and butt. What gay man wouldn’t love that?

Athletes also use swim briefs for water sports such as swimming, diving, and water polo. The body-hugging design and elastic waistband keep the suits secure on your body while you’re in motion. You never have to worry about a swim brief coming loose or needing constant adjustment. Swim briefs aren’t see-through like underwear and have a front lining for extra coverage.

Best Brand of Brief Style Swimsuit

Features the Best Swim Brief Brands Offer
If you’re looking for swim briefs, you may be wondering what brands and features are best. A great swimwear brand offers innovative design and uses the latest performance-based fabrics, so you feel comfortable and sexy in your swim briefs.

  • Well-thought-out design

The best brands know that a swim brief has to be designed for multiple purposes. They have to be comfortable and supportive enough to wear for hours and withstand all forms of physical activity. They also have to withstand the elements of saltwater, chlorine, and high UV rays without fading or deteriorating. Top brands offer a versatile design that uses the latest technology to create functional and fun swimwear.

  • Fabric

Swim briefs are made from polyester fabrics, spandex, and nylon. These quick-drying fabrics are a great feature; your suit dries fast, so you don’t have to sit around the beach or pool with a soggy bottom for hours. These fabrics are colorfast, meaning they won’t fade from exposure to the sun or chlorine.

Some polyester fabrics are even made out of recycled plastic bottles, making your suit eco-friendly. Look for brands that offer quick-drying nylon or spandex fabrics for the best feel on your skin.

  • Fit

You want to be comfortable in your swim briefs. The fit is about more than wearing the correct size; it’s also about shape. Contoured front pouches in swim briefs help support your package during the day and keep you snug inside your suit.

Drawstrings in your swim brief’s waistband allow you to secure the suit to your body while you’re swimming or engaging in other physical activities on your beach days. An excellent set of swim briefs fits snug to your body, but doesn’t feel tight or like it’s digging into your skin.

  • Range of sizes

You might think you have to be thin or have chiseled muscles to look good in a swim brief, but that’s just not the case. Men of all sizes can look great in swim briefs, as long as they’re wearing the right size.

The best brands know this and offer a range of sizes to fit all men. Elastic waistbands are a forgiving feature and offer stretch for the days after you’ve had a big meal or one too many drinks. Great brands also offer drawstrings in their waistband for a more precise fit, so you can achieve that perfect look, no matter your size.

  • Withstand physical activity

Look for swim briefs made for more than just lounging in the sun. Top brands make swim briefs with performance-friendly fabrics that won’t leave your skin or suit damp from sweat or a dip in the pool. They stay snug to your skin, but allow you to stretch and use your full mobility in water and on dry land.
You won’t have to worry about your package moving out of place or having to pick a wedgie while wearing top swim brief brands.

  • Sexy

Swim briefs are a staple in gay men’s wardrobes because of how sexy they are. Briefs are great for highlighting your bulge and showing off more of your legs and butt. Swim briefs leave little to the imagination and can be a turn-on for other gay men. Top brands offer this swimwear in fun designs and bright colors to help you stand out from the crowd.

The ultra low rise of a swim brief lets you show off your v-lines and cut abs. They’re also great for tanning, since the higher-cut legs won’t leave you with pale upper thighs like other suits.

The swim brief is about as skimpy as you can get, letting you be next to nude in public. You’ll definitely get checked out by other men while wearing this swimsuit. Swim briefs are great for making you feel free, confident, and sexy.

Best Brand of Brief Style Swimsuit

If You’re Feeling Shy in Your Swim Briefs
Everyone has days when they feel less confident about themselves or their bodies. If you’re feeling insecure about baring it all at the pool or during your walk to or from the beach, a swim short is a great option. These bathing suits are much shorter than your average trunks and board shorts, letting you show off your legs.

The Vaux Cotton Candy Swim Short is ideal if you’re looking for that in-between style. Its 2.25-inch inseam and outer leg cut-outs highlight your thigh muscles in a way that’s sure to turn some heads. The swim short is available in bold solid colors like purple, pink, white, and black. They’re the perfect shorts to wear to the beach or even to the gym.

The lightweight polyester fabric keeps you comfortable and dry while laying on the sand or playing a round of beach volleyball. They have a drawstring elastic waistband for a snug fit, and they’ll keep your jewels protected inside the mesh lining. Vaux’s swim shorts offer a little more coverage than your typical swim brief, but are way sexier than any pair of swim trunks.

Find a Great Pair of Swim Briefs With Timoteo
Swim briefs are a classic in the swimsuit world; they’ll never go out of style. Modern designs keep swim briefs performance-friendly and comfortable, putting the spotlight on your best assets. The cuts and fashionable styles of new suits keep you on-trend, so you don’t have to worry about looking older than your age. If you’re ready to take the plunge and buy swim briefs of your own, consider suits from a top brand like Timoteo.

Timoteo was founded in Los Angeles over 20 years ago with the goal of creating stylish underwear, swimwear, and sportswear. Our Timoteo and Vaux swimwear brands offer cutting-edge design for great fit and comfort, while our high-quality materials and construction keep them coming back for more. Visit our store to find your next swim brief.


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