What Kind of Guy Wears Thongs and Bikinis to a Public Beach?

Wears Thongs

Until recently, bathing suit expectations for men and women in the United States were fairly conservative and gender-specific. For the most part, girls wear bikini-style bathing swimsuits or one-piece suits, and men wear swimming trunks that cover their entire pelvic area.

Walking around completely naked on a beach is more widely accepted in other countries, and seeing a man in a thong at the beach or a woman in a string bikini isn’t a shock. This outlook is becoming more accepted on public beaches in the US, and more men are showing their love for their bodies by wearing bulge-enhancing thongs when they head out to the beach.

So, just what kind of guy wears a thong or bikini briefs to the beach? Find out the personality traits of a man who loves to wear thongs and other form-fitting swimsuits to the beach, and discover the top men’s thong swimwear pieces from Timoteo that will get you in the mood for any kind of water sport.

He is Confident
Many gay and bi men struggle with body image, leading to feelings of shame and insecurity. While these feelings are normal and understandable, they keep some men from showing off their bodies if they don’t fit the societal standard.

A confident man is happy with his body no matter what it looks like and shows it off with a thong or swim briefs for all to see.

He is Bold
Only a bold guy is brave enough to wear a thong or bikini briefs in front of other dudes. Being bold means taking chances, and depending on the beach, wearing a thong or swim briefs is a big deal that can cause a raucous.

Boldness equals taking risks, and only a bold man is willing to take the chance of wearing a swim brief or thong to the public beach.

He is Sexy
Thongs and revealing bikini briefs are sexy. They accentuate your package, encasing it in a way that makes it stand out to everyone who walks by. They also tempt others by showing off your round buttcheeks, letting the sun illuminate them in all their bouncy glory.

Thongs tempt and tease others and make you feel sexy and alive. Only a man who knows he is sexy and enjoys letting others know it too wears a thong or tight-fitting bikini briefs to the beach.

Wears Thongs

He is Rebellious
Thongs and bikini briefs go against established social norms on United States beaches. Although the standard is changing, wearing a thong or other revealing swimwear is still a rebellious act.

Women who wear thong bikinis still stand out, so men who decide to rock a thong showing their package and ass need a certain amount of rebellious energy to walk out of the house. A man who wears these types of swimwear is a bit of a rebel, which is oh so sexy.

He is Practical
A guy who wears a thong or bikini brief to the beach is practical. He travels light; instead of bringing a heavy pair of swim trunks to swim in, he packs a lightweight thong.

Thongs made of neoprene, spandex, and polyester dry quickly, so he doesn't have to wait for his swimsuit to dry before packing up to head away from the beach for more fun activities, and cleanup is a breeze with breathable, liquid-friendly fabrics.

He is Sensuous
Wearing a bikini brief or thong is a sensual experience. You get to feel the supportive grip of the thong on your anatomy and the gentle rub of the string between your cheeks. The rush of the breeze on your exposed mounds is sensual and arousing, and the warm rays of the sun warm them as you sunbathe.

There is also a sensuality to feeling free and unhindered by excessive material on your legs and thighs. A guy who wears a thong to the beach enjoys the experience of wearing the piece out in the open air.

Best Swimwear for the Beach
As a bold, stylish, and sexy man, you are always ready to rock your body in a tight piece of swimwear at the beach. Timoteo carries a range of swimwear pieces and water-friendly thongs that you can sport to grab attention and show off your beach balls.

Our swimwear and thongs are made of polyester, spandex, and neoprene materials that work great in the water and the bedroom. The following are the top four swimwear options available from our online collection.

  • Vaux Cotton Candy Short

Show off your backside in the Vaux Cotton Candy Short. This little pair of but-hugging shorts are lightweight and perfect for strolling around at the gym, pool, or beach. Made of 100% polyester, these shorts are water-friendly and comfortable.

Splash around in the waves while keeping your seashells secure inside the short’s mesh lining, and enjoy a wide range of mobility for any beach activity with the splits on the sides. The Vaux Cotton Candy Short comes in pink, purple, black, and white, so choose whatever color makes you feel confident and sexy.

  • Avalon Thong

The Avalon Thong is an excellent choice for the beach and the bedroom. Made of 97% polyester and 3% spandex, this thong rests lightly on your package for ultimate comfort and sensuality. The Avalon’s elastic waistband sits low on your hips for maximum sex appeal and brings all the attention to your member with a vibrant tropical print. Choose from a black, pink, or blue background color to maximize the effect.

The front-hugging cup keeps your guy safe while your backside is exposed to all the onlookers at the beach. A cute triangle of fabric above the thong creates a focal point for the eyes, highlighting your buttcheeks. The Avalon Thong looks great, whether you’re frolicking on the sand or lying down while suntanning.

  • Aero Sport 2.0 Brief

The Aero Sport 2.0 Brief is a good bikini brief option for the surf and sand. Made of 8% spandex and 92% polyester, this brief doubles as a beach-friendly brief and regular pair of underwear. The tight-fit and jewel-toned color brings attention to your front side with an understated camouflage pattern directly on your member. The spandex-polyester blend helps the brief cling to your backside to enhance your bubble butt, as well as help the bikini brief dry quickly once you are out of the water.

This pair of briefs sit low on your hips, showing off your abs and waistline to perfection. The short length of the briefs works to highlight your thigh muscles as you run in the sand. When you wear a pair of bikini briefs like the Aero Sport, you’ll have everybody checking you out.

  • Spartan Neoprene Thong

The Spartan Neoprene Thong is a piece of swimwear that is only for the most daring guys. While designed for kinky foreplay, this thong can double as beachwear with a removable pouch and harness attachment hooks. Made of nylon, neoprene, and spandex, the Spartan thong is water-safe. The sharkskin texture inside the removable pouch fits the beach theme and hugs your sandcastle just right.

The Spartan Neoprene Thong comes in a blue, black, or red solid pattern or a green or grey camouflage pattern on the bulge. Grab the Spartan Neoprene Reversible Harness for a full-on fetish look to strut while on the beach. If you choose this option, attach the neoprene harness to the thong to wear a two-piece ensemble - just be ready to cause a big splash.

Wears Thongs

Find Sexy and Stylish Swimwear
Only confident, bold, and sexy guys wear thongs and bikini briefs to the beach. The great news is that you don’t need to have the perfect body to rock a thong; you just have to be comfortable in your skin. So throw out that old tank top and swim trunks look and opt for a more exciting piece of swimwear from Timoteo.

View our entire collection of men’s swimwear and thongs to find the right option for your beach escapades.

You deserve the best. Therefore, don't wait any longer and visit Timoteo today.


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