Cellblock 13

6 products

6 products

Timoteo also has options for those looking for gear for the bedroom. With our newestand sexiest line, Cellblock 13, you can enhance your underwear look.

Get the most out of your encounters with Cellblock 13’s straps, harnesses and pouches.If you and your partner are looking to step things up a notch in style, then Timoteo has awhole catalogue of face masks, hoods, and more to keep you stimulated.

Timoteo is all about making men feel confident and sexy in their underwear.

We do this by putting an emphasis on style and fashion while highlighting every man’sbest physical features in our sexy male underwear.

With our Cellblock 13 collection, we united the worlds of gay men’s fashion and fetish with an eccentric collection of gear and accessories. It’s sure to spice up your experience in the bedroom.