Want even less left up to the imagination? Then our sexy gay jockstraps are the way togo.

At Timoteo, we’ve redefined design and desire. With little else other than a waistbandand a hammock for your banana, our sexy jockstraps are sure to get the desired effect.

With options that include straps around the bottom of your butt, or over your shoulders,you can define your best features. Whether it's those smackable cheeks or that broadchest, look your best in one of our hot men’s jockstraps.

And for the kinks out there, our zipper jock straps come with a zipper down the pocketfor when you (or someone else) want to let the snake loose.


Keep Your Snake Secure 

Jocked And Loaded 


We all know that jockstraps were originally invented with jockeys , but that’s not the type 

of riding we’re hoping you’ll be doing in our sexy men’s underwear. 


Men’s jockstraps first entered gay men’s’ wardrobes in the 1950s and 1960s as a form 

of fashion, and gay men’s jockstraps are an undergarment that’s still loved today.  


As part of the new-age gay awakening in the 1960s, the jockstrap perfectly captured not 

only minds and bums but the hyper-masculinity of the period. 


There’s something powerful about leather jackets, aviators and some hot gay men’s 

underwear with nothing at the rear. 


Nowadays, hot men’s jockstraps have become a synthesis of the two styles. At 

Timoteo, we’ve crafted the perfect masculine, yet functional jockstraps for you to wear 

in every situation. 


Don’t Torture Your Trunk 


Men’s jockstraps were born out of a desire to make physical activity easier and to 

protect the ‘crown jewels’, but there’s no reason they can’t be sexy  too.  


Much like wearing a cup in sports, a male jockstraps offer a sense of protection and 

comfort. Now the gay jockstrap has been reclaimed by gay men as underwear that’s 

both practical and fashionable. 


At Timoteo, our jockstraps are made from high-quality material blends that promise to 

keep your privates free from excess heat and friction whilst providing freedom of 



Get Cheeky 


Gay jockstraps are sexy and revealing in the front with just enough left to the 



There’s no other style like a sexy men’s jockstrap to get you and your partner’s thoughts 

racing. With its minimalist design, a hot jockstrap is the definition of teasing and 



At the rear, you’re fully exposed with straps that tease and accentuate your cheeks. 

Your best assets can even be defined with over-the-shoulder straps. 


Gay men’s jockstraps lift not only packages, but egos and your state of mind. 


Indulge Your Kink 


Hot men’s jockstraps are inherently caught up in our locker-room fantasies.  


What better way to fulfill your naughty dreams and desires than for you or your partner 

to embody the ‘jock’ stereotype? 


You could be in the bedroom or the locker-room, your sexy gay jockstrap will still have 

towels dropping. 


Whether you’re in the bedroom or on the sportsfield, the comfort and confidence offered 

by a male jockstrap is unparalleled.  


Play with the peek-a-boo fantasy today by wearing a sexy male jockstrap; whether it’s 

for your benefit or the world’s. 


Peacock In Style 


You might be in the boardroom or the bedroom, either way you need to feel your best. 

Regular men’s underwear just won’t cut it anymore, for style or quality. 


That’s where Timoteo’s range of hot gay underwear comes in. And what’s hotter than 

the revealing design of a sexy jockstrap to widen eyes? 


If you’re going to set yourself apart from the pack, you’ll need a mens sexy jockstrap to 

do so. 


How is that cute barista going to remember your name? Perhaps when he sees you 

saunter off with the suggestive bulge of a hot jockstrap outlined in your trousers. 


Never miss out on an opportunity at the gym when all the other sweaty hunks can see 

your cheeks bulging in a gay male jockstrap through your sports shorts.  


Go home with confidence knowing that you’ll be stripping down into a sexy gay 

jockstrap that will leave your parntner speechless (for a moment! ). 




This is what hot men’s jockstraps were designed for. Perfect for physical activity and 

exercise, at work, or in the bedroom; a sexy jockstrap keeps everything secure without 

wasting material. 


In men’s jockstrap underwear, you can move freely without your snake doing so. Boxers 

and briefs on the other hand can be uncomfortable, tight, and restrictive.  


What better way to feel comfortable in one’s own skin than to be clad in little else? Why 

not show a little skin and start feeling at home in your sexy jockstrap today? 


A sexy jockstrap can get you (and maybe even your partner) where you need to go in 

comfort and style. 




How could hot jockstraps not be a fashion statement?  


Their bold and daring design shows off your confidence in your body and sexuality. 

Men’s jockstraps can be designed and customized to suit any fashion. 


And that’s what we do at Timoteo. We understand that the male jockstrap is meant for 

more than just practicality. It can be used as a means to embrace your body and display 

your self-esteem and appeal. 


If you’re looking for men’s and gay jockstraps brands keep your eyes on our wardrobe; 

we’re sure you won’t be able to take them off it! 




We have tons of designs, styles, and accessories for jockstraps to choose from at 



For those looking for a super soft, body-hugging jockstraps fit, we have the California 

Cool jockstrap. And for the sportsmen, we’ve designed the Aero sports with a ventilating 

mesh pouch. 


Or for those after minimum coverage in their sexy men’s jockstraps, with adjustable 

over-the-shoulder straps to show off all your best features, we have the Echo Mess. 


Anyone wanting a sexy jockstrap that’s a little kinkier will be drawn to our Vaux VX2 

jockstrap. With a full range of patterns from floral to leopard print, these jockstrap 

underwear are sure to make jaws drop.  


There’s also an inviting zipper at the front of this male jockstrap’s pouch to give you (or 

someone else) easy access to what’s inside.  




At Timoteo, we have a range of sizes of male jockstraps to suit all body types. From 

extra-small to extra-large, we have jockstrap underwear to cater for everyone from 

twinks to hunks.  


About Us 


Founded in Los Angeles in 2001, Timoteo has become a go-to brand for stylish men’s 

jockstraps around the globe.  


Our creative director Timoteo Ocampo created his underwear, swimwear, sportswear, 

and denim collections with the vision of offering customers cutting-edge design, 

exceptional fit, and unparalleled quality. 


Since its beginnings, Timoteo has grown to become one of the most recognized global 

men’s jockstrap brands. We supply retailers with the best jockstraps on six continents 

and in nearly every country via  


Timoteo has a commitment to helping to launch the careers of some of today’s top 

models and photographers with our racy advertising campaigns highlighting our 

jockstrap underwear. 


It is through dedication to core company values and innovative and provocative 

marketing content that Timoteo continues to expand and grow. We are dedicated to 

becoming prominent among the male jockstrap market. 


In 2012, Timoteo launched its new label, CellBlock 13.  Created and designed by 

Timoteo, CellBlock 13 is the go-to brand for FASHION MEETS FETISH and people all 

over the world count CellBlock 13 as the one place to find the latest in 'gear' and sexy 



Start feeling sexy and secure today by checking out our range of men's jockstraps.