Men Who Love Men In Underwear

Men In Underwear

A gay man in good underwear may just be hotter than a gay man in no underwear.

Crazy, but think about it.You still get to see some of his best features.

His chiseled chest and sculpted abs that could rival that of the statue of David. His piercing gaze that you’ll need a map to get out of. And his triceps cut from real diamonds.The right pair of underwear can even accentuate some features, like the V that is his lower abdomen and the leg muscles protruding from underneath.And, it will create a nice bulge, giving you a hint of what is underneath, without giving it all away. It’s almost teasing you, inviting you in by firing up your imagination and getting your hormones pumping.

A gay man in the right underwear is similar to a good story. They both leave you wanting more. Which makes a man so much hotter and more desirable.

A pair of underwear can also be a form of expression. It is more than just a few pieces of fabric sewn together, but an embracement and confidence of one’s own sexuality.But the key is the right pair of underwear. And that underwear is at Timoteo. 

At Timoteo, we make underwear that doesn’t just cover up what’s underneath but sends a fashion statement with our cutting edge design, exceptional fit and unparalleled quality.So if you’re a man who loves other men on underwear, browse around our wide selection of sexy underwear, made specifically for gay men. 

Below are some of the different categories of underwear we offer. Each one has variations in material, style, and design/print:




There is a reason they’re called briefs. 

They don’t go far down or up and they give your package a nice defined outline so everyone knows what you’re packing.They also hug your buttocks with a little cheek spillage to get the mind racing and allow you to feel comfortable and confident all day.And if you’re an athlete, they come in the Aero Sort style which is made from soft and silky quick-dry sport tech fabric and has a ventilating mesh pouch.




Want even less left up to the imagination? Then our jockstraps are the way to go.Aside from a waistband and a hammock for your banana, there really isn’t much else.Your posterior will be fully exposed, leaving you asking “is there a draft in here?” all night. They also will include straps that wrap around the bottom of your butt, which will really define those smackable cheeks of yours.

Some of our jockstraps also feature straps the go up and over your shoulders and hook in the back, which helps to accentuate your chest. Others come in a thong style that has a soft but sturdy waistband.And our zipper jock straps come with a zipper down the pocket for when you want to let the snake loose.




Next time you want to take your talents to the beach, pool, or other swimming areas, then our swimwear will help you make the fashion statement you’re looking for.They are made from sport tech fabric, which will allow you to get after it in the pool and look sexy as hell doing it. Or, if you’re just trying to chill at the beach and get a tan on, we have some with minimal coverage for maximum surface area exposure to the sun (be sure to wear sunscreen!).

We have several styles, including thongs, briefs, mesh shorts, and low cut shorts.




If you’re an athlete, then our sportswear collection is the way to go.We have tons of options that will allow you to move freely and comfortably while feeling confident and sexy.For underneath, we have Aero sport compression shorts that have a smooth microfiber composition and mesh pouch. There is also the Aero sport Y thong if you want even less restriction.

We also have a variety of shorts, like the sprinter shorts Riveria mesh shorts, Aero sport running shorts, and the titan zipper shots (which has a zipper in the front, and the back).So whether you’re an avid jogger, going to pump iron in the gym, or going to shoot hoops, we have the sportswear you need to perform and show your stuff.

Gear and Accessories

Gear and Accessories


Timoteo also has tons of accessories and gear to really enhance your underwear look.

We have:

  • A variety of different straps
  • Harnesses
  • Pouches
  • Crop tops
  • Face masks
  • Hoods
  • And more!
For More

If any of these sound appealing to you, go to our shop now and look for yourself!

There are so many more styles and variations of each product to choose from. If you love men in underwear, then there will be something for you!


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