What Type of Underwear Do Gay Men Prefer the Most?

What Type of Underwear Do Gay Men Prefer the Most?

While lingerie was once an industry predominantly for women, there is now a wide range of products available to make men look and feel their best in the bedroom or out in the world. For gay men, underwear are a fun way to spice up an outfit and enhance their package for any occasion.

Underwear styles like thongs, jockstraps, and low-cut briefs are beloved by gay men for their great fit, practical features, and sexy appearance. Timoteo’s underwear collections, including men’s jockstrap underwear, highlight your best features and make you feel comfortable and confident all day long.

Jockstraps: Shockingly Comfortable
Jockstraps leave little to the imagination. This style of underwear shows off your entire backside, from top to bottom. The elastic bands hold up your jockstrap around your hips and your upper thighs, giving your cheeks some added support and making your butt look extra peachy.

Gay men also love jockstraps because they’re great at showing off your package. A jockstrap’s front pouch keeps your bulge lifted and on display while offering great support. They naturally enhance your size, so guys won’t be able to stop staring at you if you’re in a jockstrap and nothing else. Jockstraps are the perfect underwear for feeling sexy and provocative. They’re a top gay underwear choice for this reason.

  • Kinky design

They’re great for the bedroom and all kinds of kink play, allowing for full and easy access during foreplay and more. Pieces like the Rebel Neoprene Adjustable Jockstrap are perfect for exploring your fetishes. This erotic jockstrap is made from neoprene and spandex, with contrast piping to highlight your goods and entice others. Its front pouch is fully zippered for quick access and comes with D-rings attached to connect with your favorite harness.

Jockstraps are even preferred as a casual, everyday style of underwear in the gay community. The front pouch and elastic bands hold you firmly in place, so you don’t have to worry about needing to adjust yourself. Jockstraps are lightweight and make you feel like you’re wearing next to nothing, perfect for all-day wear.

  • Extra support

Your jockstrap offers extra support, no matter what activities you’re doing. They can handle high-intensity exercise and sports with physical contact, keeping you in place and protected. You can go from work to the gym or out on the town while wearing a jockstrap.

Great everyday jockstraps like the Aero 2.0 Jockstrap offer versatile features. This jockstrap is made from performance fabrics to help keep you cool and comfortable no matter what your day holds. It sits low on your hips, so you can show off your abs and V-lines. The jockstrap’s waistband and leg straps are body-hugging, but can stretch and move easily with you. Most importantly, its front pouch is contoured for a comfortable fit and great look.

  • No underwear lines

Jockstraps are also great for avoiding underwear lines in your pants. You don’t have to worry about looking unprofessional in your suit because jockstraps stay completely hidden under your pants. They’re great for wearing under tight jeans and making it feel like you’re going commando.

Thongs: Dare to be Sexy
Move over, ladies; men are embracing the thong. This male underwear style is shaped and designed to fit the male anatomy comfortably. Thongs provide more coverage than a jockstrap, but less coverage than a brief. This sexy underwear is great for casual wear or special occasions when you want to feel irresistible.

  • Flattering and snug

Wide elastic waistbands on thongs sit low on your hips and fit snug against your body, keeping your thong perfectly in place. You won’t be picking out a thong wedgie with today’s designs. A thong’s waistband is contoured to your torso, so your abs stay looking their best while you avoid muffin top problems. The thong’s supportive front pouch and design give your bulge some lift and add to its shapeliness.

This form-fitting underwear emphasizes more than just your rear. A thong’s higher cut and design are meant to show off your muscular thighs and your package, too.


  • Tons of materials and patterns

The Avalon Thong does a great job of drawing the eye to where it counts with its bright colors and fun fabric options. These thongs are made from soft polyester/spandex material that offers all-day comfort with a body-hugging grip. You can wear thongs with any outfit, knowing your waistband is low enough to stay out of sight and there’s no bulky fabric to bunch up behind you.

Men wearing thongs are sexy and are becoming more popular every year. Men love how thongs show off their bodies, and they also love watching other men in thongs. If you’ve been curious about wearing thongs, now’s a great time to try one out.

Briefs: A Beloved Classic
Briefs don’t have to be boring tighty whities anymore. Every fashionable gay man can find a variety of brief styles to fit their needs and lifestyle.

  • Functional but sexy

Briefs are still short enough to show off your legs and emphasize your bulge. This style of underwear hugs your butt and offers a peek at your cheeks without giving it all away.

Timoteo’s Pride 21 Low Rise Briefs are everything a modern pair of briefs should be. They feature a brushed elastic waistband in classic Pride colors and sit low on your hips, giving you ultimate sex appeal. The nylon-spandex blend hugs your genitals and buns, providing a preview of the goods to anyone looking.

  • Modern variations on traditional style

Boyish and football-inspired, the Low Rise Halfback Brief is a sporty take on the traditional brief. This brief boasts a wide elastic waistband and tight-fitting front and back fabric. The section that holds the goods features a supportive mesh section, drawing attention to your most prominent feature. The back of the briefs is one solid color, and the seam lining provides contrast and definition for your buttcheeks.

Vaux Cotton Candy Briefs are the most traditional briefs available at Timoteo. They are made of soft, gentle cotton in various pastel and jewel-toned colors. The contrasting piping on the front showcases your crown jewels, and the back features a unique geometrical pattern that accentuates your ass shape. These briefs bring out your soft side while still making you feel sexy and desirable.

Compression Shorts: For the Athletic Man
There’s nothing sexier than flexing at the gym, and nothing highlights your assets quite like a skin-tight pair of compression shorts.

  • Perfect for athletic performance

Compression wear keeps the blood pumping to your muscles to prevent injuries while working out and speeds up your post-exercise recovery. But, just because they are functional doesn’t mean they need to be boring.

The Aero Sport 2.0 Compression Shorts from Timoteo are so sexy; you won’t want to hide them under your gym shorts. The camo pattern polyester-spandex fabric blend hugs your body, while the extra-wide brushed elastic waistband rides low on the hips and prevents the shorts from rolling or digging into your waist. The single-ply contoured pouch supports and lifts your package to help regulate your temperature while you work out.

  • Versatile for any activity

Wear your compression shorts as a base layer on your next outdoor adventure, or pair them with a tank top at the gym to show the world what you’ve got.

Timoteo Has Underwear to Suit Every Style
Whatever style of underwear you prefer, Timoteo’s got you covered. Since 2001, we’ve been the brand for stylish men worldwide, redefining the type of underwear gay men prefer.

We offer a wide selection of jockstraps, briefs, and thongs to show off your goods and keep you supported. Indulge yourself and your partner by purchasing high-quality underwear that is stylish, functional, and makes things exciting in and outside the bedroom.

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