Why a Swim Jockstrap is Perfect for This New Year

Swim Jockstrap

Jockstraps have always held a place in the world of sports and physical activity. Most men think of sexy locker rooms and sporty white jockstraps when they think of the underwear style. However, in recent years, the jockstrap has become a popular item for gay men to wear almost everywhere they go.

One place you may not have considered wearing your jockstrap is in the water. Wearing a swim jockstrap can give you extra support when engaging in water activities and boost your bulge and butt underneath outer swimwear. Discover why a swim jockstrap is perfect for this New Year and where to find fashionable jockstrap options.

What is a Swim Jockstrap?
A swimmer’s jockstrap is only slightly different from the traditional jockstrap. Athletic supporters have been around since the 1800s in different forms.

The original jockstrap athletic supporters were created to protect male genitals during vigorous physical activity and contact sports. Their design consisted of a fabric pouch, protective cup, and elastic straps that sat on the waist and under the buttcheeks of the wearer.

Some swimmers began wearing jockstraps under their swimwear to provide extra support and protection for their members when in the water. The original swim jockstraps were likely made of regular cotton material and may or may not have featured a plastic protective cup, depending on the wearer’s preference.

As jockstraps have continued to evolve, so has the swim jockstrap. Swim jockstraps today mirror the fashion and fun of regular jockstrap underwear. Many jockstraps double as swim jocks due to their water-friendly material and amazing pouch support.

Swim Jockstrap


Why Wear a Swim Jockstrap?

There are several reasons you might consider wearing a swim jockstrap under your regular swim attire. These include more protection and extra support, and better coverage, boosted sex appeal, and increased confidence.

  • Extra support

Typical men’s swimwear offers little in the way of support for your package. Speedos offer a slight bit of support since they fit tighter than other types of options, but board shorts and swim trunks are notoriously flimsy. These types of swimwear may contain an inner underwear design, but it is usually made of thin mesh material that lets your member hang free and provides no reinforcement.

When you wear a swim jockstrap, you gain uplifted support. The jockstrap pouch keeps your package in place and gives it a perky look underneath your swim trunks. With a swim jock, you feel safe and secure, rather than too wild and free.

  • Increase confidence

Jockstrap wearers often tout the underwear’s confidence-boosting abilities as a reason for wearing the style. In a pair of board shorts or trunks, it is hard to feel like a stand-out stud. They aren’t form-fitting, and they don’t offer much of a boost for your goodies.

A swim jock offers you a simple way to increase your confidence while wearing your swimsuit. By wearing a jockstrap under your swimsuit, you boost your sex appeal and give yourself a sensual, comfortable experience. Feeling great and looking good are key to confidence, so putting on a swim jock is sure to boost your self-esteem to a ten.

  • Boost sex appeal

The unfortunate truth is that regular swimwear for men is not sexy. Sure, you can wear a thong or speedo to the beach, but that might be inappropriate in some situations, and you may yet have the body confidence needed to wear such revealing pieces.

To boost your sex appeal while staying comfortable and covered, find a stylish, supportive swim jock and put it on under your swimwear. Doing this brings an extra touch of pizazz to your look, even in an understated way. The swim jock’s elastic butt straps plump up your ass, so you look amazing even with your trunks on. The perky look that the jock’s ouch gives you also works wonders on your tempting frontside.

  • Better coverage

While flaunting your stuff can be fun, you don’t want it to happen by accident. With some men’s swimwear, you don’t have great coverage for your beach accessories. If you sit in the wrong position, you may accidentally flash someone or expose yourself to the elements.

A swim jockstrap prevents this from happening. With a swim jock, you keep your stuff tucked nicely away in a comfortable pouch, safe from prying eyes or accidental escape. This allows you to rock your suit or speedo without fear of embarrassing mishaps.

  • More protection

Due to the loose fit of most men’s swimwear, you put your genitals at risk when engaging in water or beach play.

With a swim jockstrap, you give your special guy a bit more protection than with regular swim attire. With a comfy neoprene or spandex pouch, you can protect him from harm as you frolic in the ocean.

  • More versatility

The majority of men’s swimwear is not versatile. Board shorts are clunky. Swim trunks often come with too many pockets or strange linings to wear in other places, and speedos don’t work for non-pool or oceanside locations.

Alternatively, swim jocks are extremely versatile pieces of clothing. With the right material and cut, you can wear your swim jockstrap under your everyday clothes as underwear. This gives you a fun, flirty secret to enjoy as you walk down the street. You can also wear your swim jock for a fun bedroom experience. Jockstraps are great kink wear and will liven up any sexual encounter.

Swim Jockstrap


Can You Wear Any Jockstrap in the Water?
You can wear most jockstraps under your swim attire safely in the water. However, it is important to note the materials your favorite jockstraps are made of because some fabrics are more water-friendly than others.

Jockstraps made from a polyester-spandex blend are ideal for wearing in the water. Polyester works well in chlorine and is resistant to UV sun damage. It is also durable, easy to clean, and fast-drying. Spandex is comfortable and stretchy while also providing a fast-drying, water-resistant experience.

Neoprene jockstraps are also a great choice for water wear. Neoprene is a synthetic rubber that is typically used to make diving suits. Neoprene has the unique ability to insulate the body, making it an excellent jockstrap pouch option to keep your member cozy and warm.

Although you can wear cotton or rayon jockstraps in the water, these materials are not ideal for wet conditions. If your favorite jockstrap contains a small amount of rayon or cotton in the blend, it can still work for water wear, but opt for the more water-friendly options if they’re available.

Where to Find Fashionable Swim Jockstraps
Timoteo’s collection of stylish jockstraps offers you tons of swim-friendly options to choose from when looking for the perfect swim jock.

Some of our top swim jockstrap choices include:

  • Kick Off Lace Up Jockstrap: Made of 100% neoprene and perfect for the water
  • Avalon Jockstrap: Perfect blend of style and 97% polyester, 3% spandex
  • Halfback Jockstrap: Polyester-spandex mesh, spandex-cotton underneath
  • Trojan Neoprene Jockstrap: 100% neoprene pouch with 80/20 nylon-spandex trim
  • Night Hawk Jockstrap: 45% water-friendly PU leather, 55% polyester-nylon-spandex blend

In addition to swim-friendly jockstraps, Timoteo also carries streetwear jocks made of cotton and rayon. The Vaux Cotton Candy Jockstrap is a fun cotton option, as are the retro-styled Tight End Jockstrap and Tight End Swimmer’s Jock.

Find a Stylish Swim Jockstrap at Timoteo
It is never too early to get beach ready, so start the year off right with a stylish swim jockstrap from Timoteo. Browse our collection of jockstraps and men’s underwear to find the perfect undergarments for your fashionable collection.

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